metakephoto PRO 3:51am, 17 February 2009
Rock Photography Group Show + bands * Wednesday Feb 18th @ 8pm

I just thought i'd let everyone know that I'll be showing some of my pictures this Wednesday at Holocene. It's a a group show with a bunch of great local band photographers and bands will be playing too. And the way that this fits in with strobist topic, is that everyone of my shots is taken with off camera flash :)

And a handful of the photographers also have flickr sites:

Jason Quigley -

Nilina Mason Campbell -

Megan Holmes -

Jeff Mawer -
OregonVelo 9 years ago
Sweet Jeff. If I didn't have band practice, I'd be there. I've met Minh as well and he's a great guy. Bummed I wont be able to get to see it.
thinkable straw [deleted] 9 years ago
Congrats Jeff!

When is it over? I'll be in the studio at 8 tonight, but when I'm done, i might be able to swing by if its not too late :)
jimmyhickey1 9 years ago
Mr Quigly is my yearbook teachers husband!!!
Good to see your stuffs gonna be in it too:)
metakephoto PRO 9 years ago
@jimmy: thats pretty funny, i'll have to let jason know....
kenneth barton PRO 9 years ago
Tara and I dropped by. It was a fun show; lots of great images; definitiely worth checking out.

metakephoto PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by metakephoto (admin) 9 years ago
thanks ken for coming, it was nice seeing fellow strobist there....though i'm still sorry you had to pay to get in....
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