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OregonVelo 4:49pm, 16 February 2009
So I have joined the masses by joining Facebook. I just couldn't miss the bandwagon any longer. :) So here are my questions?

Who else here is on it?

Do you use it for your photograhy?

How do you use it for your photography?
DougBPhoto 9 years ago
I have two Facebook accounts, one for personal networking and one for my ModelMayhem related shooting.

I'm not really using either for promoting my photography because I am too lazy :-)
wetribe 9 years ago
I'm on at
Haven't really used it for photos though it's been fun to see my photos posted by others.
I am thinking about setting up a group ....
I have a personal account (for people I know) and a page for my business in which people can become "fans".

And here is my business one:

Nothing too fancy but it acts as a way to network and I've already gotten 3 refferals off of it from friends of friends.
OregonVelo 9 years ago
YLNTP- Your business one... how is that different from a regular account? How is it that become become fans instead of friends?
DougBPhoto 9 years ago
YLNTP - I wondered the same thing... although the last thing I need is a 3rd profile... LOL
I'm there but just found out about their recent rights grab tos and whatnot. All images and info can be used now and forever by facebook. just keep that in mind when loading images. Lots of buzz on that today in other groups...

here is a good conversation on it:
OregonVelo 9 years ago
Yeah, I saw that... Good reason for low res and watermarks on your images.
for sure.
They are called "Pages" and people set them up for businesses, celebs, items, etc.. It's a way for me to stay connected to my photography clients without them knowing a lot of personal information. I'm also a marriage and family therapist so I have to keep most of my personal info on the web private. This allows me to have the best of both worlds.
afraid caption [deleted] 9 years ago
I have a facebook with a page & group for my photography but i'm new to it all so i can't answer any of the questions lol
kenneth barton PRO 9 years ago
I'm on Facebook as "Kenneth Barton" (surprise!) as of 2 1/2 weeks ago. I do not and will not use it for photography with a big "P", but I do post photos of friends and outings and such.

-ken 9 years ago
I've been on FB for a few months now. Here is my personal page Here is my business page .
| whiteSpace | PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by | whiteSpace | (admin) 9 years ago
I just started a page last friday. I've connected with long lost friends as well as local people I know. I do have many of my better photos posted as well as stating "I'm a photographer" in my info. This has generated a lot of positive feedback and now more acquaintances are seeing what I'm capable of. I really think this could bring some work in the future.
Stereoblind 9 years ago
I put Stereoblind on there, but they kicked me off because I wouldn't send them a copy of my drivers license.

Well, long story short that's what it boiled down to. They require you use real names and info or they reserve the right to deny service and I don't provide that information where it can be phished so readily like Facebook allows - so I got the boot.

Also they own your pictures and can use them even after (and if) you cancel your account. Your information is searchable and retained for as long as they want it.

Or so I've heard... :)

Read the small print and enjoy!
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