Aaron Audio 6:31am, 19 December 2008
Im ready to give up on my yellow 15 foot ttl custom cable. Its been tripped over too many times. Ive been looking at the cactus triggers as a really cheap option. Only thing is, Ive come across 2 different models I think. Can someone tell the difference and make a suggestion? With the price so cheap, I cannot pass this up. Thanks


Skip the Cactus and go with the Alien Bees Cyber Sync. I went through a couple of sets of the Cactus and they were a waste of money. Kept breaking / not firing. A real pain in the back side. - My Humble Opion - I know some people do well by them. The CyberSync has been nothing but rock solid and a lot less $$$ than the PWs.
secretive metal [deleted] 10 years ago
The V2s is a later model - go for them.

I have the cactus 2 and I modified mine with an external transmitter antenna and external dual AA battery packs for the receivers and performance and reliability went through the roof.

I'm planning on turning up to the first meet in the new year - I'll bring mine if you want to have a play with them.
Aaron Audio 10 years ago
Sounds good uncle! Ill be placing my order for the v2's shortly.
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