Motochick~Liz 9:40pm, 18 December 2008
Im on Christmas break and wanting to line up a few shoots.. I have too much time on my hands... I am in Hillsboro, Portland area now and I dont go back to class until January 5th... Anyone else have some free time on their hands over the holidays and want to collaborate?

Nicholas Cooper 10 years ago
If I wasn't sick, I'd jump at it. I've been at home the past 3 months. Not very fun, but eh, life happens.
Motochick~Liz 10 years ago
I am open to any idea's for a shoot. I just want something to add to the port. I love the conceptual work but am willing to hear some idea's that might work. I have a MUA lined up over break as well so something edgy might add to all of our stuff.... where are u located?
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