OregonVelo 8:33pm, 10 December 2008
I know that this is being discussed on the main board, but I found it strangely familiar to one of discussion this summer. :)
Alleh Lindquist Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Alleh Lindquist (member) 10 years ago
Yeah that write up sucks because so many stupid people will miss interpret what they (I included Chase Jarvis becuase he also wrote about it) were really trying to say and thus continue to destroy the photographic market.

If you wouldn’t do yard work for free why would you do photography work?

John Harrington posted a response post on his blog I suggest people read it.
Ben Lundberg 10 years ago
@Alleh Lindquist... thanks for the link to his page... i read all the way through it and bookmarked to come back and read again... time and my skills(though limited lol) do = $$$$

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