Blister gone 6:27pm, 13 November 2008
My friend and I were thinking about doing a fun strobist shoot at the Chinese Garden this Saturday (Nov 15th). It's last minute because I didn't know how the weather was going to hold up. We are looking for up to 2 models, and 1 other photographer.

Models - We are mainly doing this for fun so there will be a lot of experimenting with different light set ups. You will get to keep any pictures we come up with. Since we will be shooting at the Chinese Gardens, it would be great if you can dress up creatively to fit the theme :) You can even dress your kids up and bring them along for some cute shots.

Photographers - we are looking for one other to come along with us. We'll take turns shooting and learning together (and holding reflectors, lights, and what not). Experience preferred, but not required.

Everyone - Since this is purely educational, you will have to pay for your own garden admission fee. We are out to help each other.

I will give out more details once I have all the participants.

Thanks, and looking forward to meeting you guys/gals!

UPDATE: Doesn't look like it's going to happen. We called and it's 1.5 hours per session before or after they close, and it's $250 per session.
Spencer S Watson 10 years ago
I'm interested, hopefully the weather stays nice. :)
Blister gone 10 years ago
me too. :)
coupeowner 10 years ago
If you haven't already, you may want to check their website out. I know a few people that have been hassled before.

Hopefully it's no problem, but you may want to have a backup plan.
Blister gone 10 years ago
oh hm, thanks for the heads up. we'll call them and see if we can arrange something, otherwise we'll have to change our plans.
Spencer S Watson 10 years ago
Bummer. Just an idea, the vineyards at Edgefield look really cool right now, I was looking for an excuse to shoot there.
quietlightphoto 10 years ago
There's always something interesting at Edgefield.

metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
i had a shoot at Edgefield last Sunday and the trees are perfect color right now...and their vineyard is really nice looking too.
Blister gone 10 years ago
thanks for the suggestions everyone.

still no model(s) yet :-/
Stefanie Woods 10 years ago
You're wanting to go out there tomorrow?
What time?
I just did a family shoot out at Road House on Cornelius Pass and it also was incredible for colors.
Blister gone 10 years ago
I don't think we're going to head all the way out there as we live in the Beaverton area. I'll try to think of some place closer.

We are also thinking about catching the morning light, somewhere between 9-11am.

Stefanie, are you volunteering? :D
Stefanie Woods 10 years ago
I can't do that morning - my husband has a class and there's no one to watch my little ones.

I was really hoping I could get in some fall shots before all the color is gone.

I'll still be at the Strobist studio shoot though.
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