OregonVelo 4:45pm, 8 November 2008
For any of you that appreciate wild and crazy fun and/or free beer. If you come, call me at 971-227-2165. I will give you the run down.

River City Bicycles Cyclocross Crusade
Race #7 Portland Intl. Raceway

This week we will be using the course that sits on the outside of the actual
racetrack. It's the same course that we used for the US National
Championships in '03 if that rings any bells. It's a pretty flat course
with some great off camber sections and obviously some good mud.

This weekend is also the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships. That
race will take place immediatly after the A mens race. What does this mean
for all the rest of us? It means that the hilarity and stupidity factor
will be ramped even that much higher than a normal Crusade Race (if there
even is such a thing).

1. Free beer will be flowing all day. Buy a Cross Crusade pint glass for
$4 and the beer will be on the house for the whole afternoon. NOTE,
bartenders will be serving the beer and will be checking ID for everyone.

2. There is no parking on the actual race course, so if you have a team
tent, you can drive to the entrance, drop it off and drive back out to the
main lot.

3. Our good friends at Yakima have a couple of surprises planned for this
special event. Keep in mind, these are the same clowns that won the
Flugtag. They have nothing to do but sit around in their shop and weld

4. Some of the top pro's in the US will be here. Olympian Adam Craig will
be sporting his infamous muscle suit, Ryan Trebon will be here whining about
the mud, Carl Decker will be rallying around the track in his 450 hp Subaru,
and Barely Legal Wicks will be attempting to defend his crown from '07.

5. All of our same food vendors will be there too, including Chris King
Coffee, Bob's Red Mill Oatmeal, Cyclesportif Waffles, Jake's Frites, Dan the
Man's Brats, and our new soup server.

See you at the races.

Brad Ross
Race Director
Cross crusade Cyclocross Series.
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