Spencer S Watson 12:41am, 8 November 2008
Hi, I'm new to this group (and to Flickr in general) so please let me know if this is an inappropriate palce to post this kind of thing.

Basically I'm opening a photography studio here in Portland, and I'm looking for a few photographers to share it with. We already have a great spot that we move into this month, it's in the same building as Left Turn Studios, and is across the street from Clarklewis restaurant. It is 1000sq/ft has high ceilings, huge windows at one end, AC, coded entry, and 24 hour access. Unless I get objections, we're also going to have a cyc wall, to go along with the usual high end client meeting area, editing station, and large shooting area.

The rent is $375 in a four way split, less if you want to split it up further (but I'd like to keep it to 4). Let me know soon if you're interested, even if you're just interested in renting it out on an hourly basis, and we can show you the space.

Doug S photo 10 years ago
Have you considered doing an hourly rate? I'm not a big fan of shooting in a studio, but it would be nice to have one available for a couple hours occasionally.
Spencer S Watson 10 years ago
Yeah, we were thinking $30 an hour, and $100 for the day. I'm open to suggestions too, and everything is negotiable. If anyone wants more info, just message me, and I can give you my number, or you can drop by while we're working on the space.

And, just curious, how many people here would be interested in renting out studio time, and what would you be looking for in a studio? Feel free to just tell me what your ideal rent-able studio would be, magical flying monkey assistants and all, and I'll filter out the doable. :)
Nicholas Cooper 10 years ago
I'd possibly be interested in a split or even renting the place.
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
yes on the magical flying monkey assistants.....i'd like to see a picture of that .....
ShutterCraze (NUEL) 10 years ago
how many months or years is the new person committed to being a sharing partner?
LukeOlsen PRO 10 years ago
I would love this but not thinking about studios quite yet... maybe in a few years. I would also be looking for one which would do double duty as general meeting space and possibly a need for an area to construct sets.
Spencer S Watson 10 years ago

The only required length of time for rental is two months, just like a normal rental we'd like first and last months rent, that way we have some time to find a new person if you can't stay on. But we're really flexible, if you're in the space and something comes up for you and you can't stay, something can always be worked out.
feigned seat [deleted] 10 years ago
Do you have all the slots filled? I'm seriously thinking about getting into a studio for the winter and spring.
Spencer S Watson 10 years ago
Sorry, we have everyone we need right now, but the space can be rented out on an hourly and daily basis. If anything else opens up I'll be sure to post a thread here.
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