metakephoto PRO 4:42am, 3 November 2008
Hey guys, just a suggestion...When your going on personal photoshoots (that are purely for fun, portfolio reasons, learning how to use your lights better, etc...) Think about posting here and opening up your shoot to at least one other pdx strobist member. Cause I'm almost 100% positive that someone in this group would love to come along (even if it's only to help out)
And if posting isnt your thing, flickr mail someone in the group that you'd like to bring.
Personally I like shooting with at least one other photographer or assistant..or even better photographer/assistant, but maybe thats just me?
OregonVelo 10 years ago
This is my bubble, and I don't want to share. :)
LukeOlsen PRO 10 years ago
I think it is a great idea.
Ben Lundberg 10 years ago
i was planning on posting on here since i'll be coming up either this weekend or next to see if anyone wanted to come out and shoot... i'm doing a shoot with a model on probably a friday and then hopefully a second on the saturday... don't know for sure what days and or times yet... i do have another photographer coming with me, but i'd love to work with more people up north :)

OregonVelo 10 years ago
I jested in my last post, but Jeff makes a really great point. I know I would be willing to leave the camera at home and help someone out. I like the part of working with people to achieve a goal. I am sure there are other people out there too.
[ninjaphoto] 10 years ago
Great idea Jeff. I know there are definitely times when I wish I had an extra pair of hands at a shoot. I shall certainly keep this in mind for the future. However, when it comes to some of the racier shoots, it's been best to work alone. Cheers!
qman5030 PRO 10 years ago
I'll pile on - I am a newbe with the strobe and would love to "assist" on a few shoots to speed my learning curve. I know natural light but strobes.....not so much.

| whiteSpace | PRO 10 years ago
I was just thinking about this the other day. I'd really like to learn from someone more experienced than myself, especially with model interaction and direction. I have a flexible schedule and would be happy to assist someone.
Hilleri Elizabeth 10 years ago
If you ever need a model to assist for any shoots let me know!


Nicholas Cooper 10 years ago
I would totally be up for assisting other photographers with more experience to learn more and get more insight on things. I am generally available after 7p most days and available Friday and Saturday all day. :D
Alleh Lindquist Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Alleh Lindquist (member) 10 years ago
I have a shoot this Sunday at 9:30am at my studio if someone is interested in attending. It is a TFP shoot to get my next sports action promo images. It will only be about 3 hours and will be myself the model a makeup artist and the models father.

email me if interested

melodic knot [deleted] 10 years ago
That's a really great idea!

Check the Future Meetings.... discussion thread. I just posted an invite to try out some ideas using mini lights and tinsel that Stephanie suggested. Next Wed and or Thrs evening at 6:30 at my place in Wilsonville. Reply if interested. It might be a little unusual but a fun thing to play with.
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