Flickr Contests

Auzigog 10:22pm, 30 October 2008
Hey guys!

Remember a while back when I promised everyone I would make a website that let us host contests for our photos in an organized manner?

Well, as you may have noticed, I never got around to that. Oops?

Thankfully, I have an opportunity to work on a project of my choosing this term.

The basic idea is that a group admin (or any flickr user) could host a contest on our website. The admin would specify the who is allowed to submit photos and who is allowed to vote. (These contests could be open to the general flickr community instead of just groups.)

What I could use help with:
* Different types of contest that would exist (participation restrictions? open/closed? voting restrictions? things that might not involve "votes" that are still similar to contests?)
* Features ideas (notification systems? rss feeds? social networking integration? ways to tighten integration with flickr?)

Seriously, if you have ANY input about this project, I would genuinely love to hear what you have to say. I am making a project pitch to the professor in the next few days and I'd like to have as much feedback as possible.

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