christophr 8:47am, 22 October 2008
...and by "willing portrait models" I basically mean: ANYONE.

Individuals, couples, families, groups, engagement shoots, trash the dress, headshots, whatever. I'm building my portfolio and want to shoot as many people as I can - both indoors and outdoors (while the weather is still decent).

I shoot and then post-process the images and then give them to you on a disc, at no charge of course, in exchange for your help and a signed model release.

I have a very flexible schedule. Let's get together soon! Flickr mail me if interested. Thanks!
Schona Kessler 10 years ago
Hey not only can we do the Trash the dress...but hubby will be there and we could do some couple shots too! Can you tell I am excited!!!!
Hilleri Elizabeth 10 years ago
Sent you an email :)
[ninjaphoto] 10 years ago
A good resource for models is Good luck!
Schona Kessler 10 years ago
Hey everyone! Chris did a trash the dress session for a friend and I this last Saturday...he was professional, funny, relaxed and willing to do anything. If you want some free pics for your time I suggest contacting him soon!

Thanks again! Loved it!
Stefanie Woods 10 years ago
Hey Chris,

I'm down for whatever you feel like you need. I'm married with two little boys (ages 3 and 6) and 4 pets so there's a lot of different things we can do.

Let me know!

hamidlmt 10 years ago
This is a OT....

Christophr.... I think the model Stephanie in your photostream works at my bank LOL!
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