coreyshelton PRO 12:21am, 5 October 2008
I'm shopping for an umbrella (and accessories) for my SB-800. Planning on using it mostly for portraits, but general use as well. Any suggestions, or what to look for? I've never bought an umbrella before.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Aaron Audio 10 years ago

This is nice. Price is near $100, but those brackets are $20 a piece on their own. It has shoot through and reflect. This will give you everything you need. Except......
coupeowner 10 years ago
Yep, the BHP setup is what I have had for about a year now. I have been happy with it. One of the handles broke on the umbrella mount after a few months, and they were quick to replace it. Bought one of those $6 fold-up chairs they sell everywhere and ended up w/ a perfectly sized bag for both lightstands and the umbrellas (and a bonus chair).
Try a site called
They have decent gear for good prices. They also sell a lot of their stuff on ebay. I've never had a problem with them and have a couple of stands, a tripod, a couple of halogen head / soft boxess from them.
Otherwise try prophoto. You can get a small umbrell for under $20 and a cold shoe / clamp for about$18 I think. Not sure about stands but they have several there. Their prices are as good as it gets usually for local retail.
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