scottelbot 8:14am, 4 October 2008
Well, we had a bit of a casualty today: a tripod tumbled, and broke my 2 week old pw in half, right at the hot-shoe mount. I've taken it apart and verified that the device is still functional, but it's clear that the housing is toast...

Figured I'd post here to see if anybody had a "dead" PW (i.e. electrical damage, or water submersion) that they'd be interested in selling for parts so that I might resuscitate this one?

It's a chance to clear the broken items from your camera bags, and earn some beer money! A classic win-win!

Anyway, long shot I know, but worth it.



(PS - Based on the website, it doesn't appear that the pocketwizard people are keen to sell this housing independently. If you know otherwise, please let me know!)
GeoFX Posted 10 years ago. Edited by GeoFX (member) 10 years ago
Have you contact the manufacture? They might have parts for sale or able to fix it for you for cheap. Won't hurt to give it a try. Or try eBay. Good luck!
OregonVelo 10 years ago
If you do reconstruct it, see what it takes to seal it. I so want to take mine apart and put in gaskets but I am afraid of ruining them.
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
just use some fancy black duct tape
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