Mark Chamberlin - SmarterPics PRO 4:38pm, 30 September 2008
There is some discussion about these triggers on the main strobist site. They sound like a good in between option if you don't have the big bucks for the Pocket Wizards and are frustrated as I have been with the quality of the Poverty Wizards from China. The $59/$69 price is a lot more reasonable.

Any insights or opinions would be appreciated.

If you don't know what I am talking about here is a link:

seanmophoto 10 years ago
the radio popper jr's are supposed to be out soon...I think they were shooting for the $25-30 range for these.

I haven't heard anything about the alienbee triggers.
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
Alien Bees make pretty solid cheap alternatives to pro equipment..So if i already didnt have an investement in PW's I would go this route..but I don't have any hands on experience, but the Alien Bees Customer service is great, so if anything was wrong i'm sure they would fix it quickly.
The Radio Popper Jr. seems to be vaporware. They've been promoting it as any day now since early summer.

I like what Metakephoto is saying. Alien Bees has been making decent stuff for us photo geeks for a long time and have a good service record. That is why I am more compelled to order from them.

I called them and they have current stock of the CyberSynchs and can ship same day. There was earlier concerns about availability and backordering when they were first released.
I broke down and ordered a set last week. 1 rec / 1 transm.

They are scheduled for delivery on Tues. next week. Find me at the next shoot and I will be happy to show them to anyone interested.
Luke Cook 10 years ago
i own the cybersyncs. go for it, they work great, 100 yard range. have had very few problems with them.
Proteus9k 10 years ago
Do Cyber Syncs work with flashes or only studio strobes via PC cable?
Beau Owens Photography 10 years ago
How funny, I'm sitting here unpacking my just-arrived CyberSyncs. I can't wait to give them a try.
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