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(Models) Creating a PDX Strobist Gallery Account

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Whoowl says:

I am reposting this here for the models that haven't seen the instructions on the pdxstrobist.org website (under the Models page).

Creating a Gallery Account

Models it is your responsibility to create an account if you want copies of your photos. It takes less then two minutes to do, and is very easy. All you need to do is fill out the form, and pick a name. Whatever you put for "Full Name" will be visible so choose something you are comfortable with sharing.

Once you fill out the form, it will email the moderators for approval. This could take a couple hours depending on if we have real lives or not. They will also setup a gallery to hold your pictures and make sure that the photographers can upload pictures to it. As soon as everything is setup and your account is approved and should get an email.
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10:26AM, 25 September 2008 PDT (permalink)

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