Pocket Wizards

Luke Cook 12:40am, 29 August 2008
I was trying to aviod this for as long as possible seeing as how tight my wallet is and how much photo stuff i want (like the new D90) but does anyone know where i can get some used pocket wizards?
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
you just have to keep an eye out for them...but i rarely see them

you should check out the alien bee triggers, i havent used them, but everything else i have from white lighting/alien bees is solid and reliable..
LukeOlsen PRO 10 years ago
I'd sell mine but I'm not ready to upgrade to the Multimax yet.
nikonpdx 10 years ago
Not sure what your budget is but I've used Calumet litelinks for several years and have been pretty pleased with them. A little cheaper than PW
jimmyhickey1 10 years ago

Three places where I have seen used PW's go for a more then fair price.
Whoowl 10 years ago
Must be that time of year... I don't have any pocket wizards for sale but I have decided to get rid of a few photo things of my own. I am selling my D300 because I rarely use it as well as a professional Lacie 20" LCD display since I got a bigger panel. Plan to put them on CL soon, but Strobists can have first dibs. Contact me offline for details.
boonerodriguez 10 years ago
unlikely. i got mine a few bucks cheaper than you usually see them a while ago from mpex
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