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BBQ and Workflow workshop - August 16th @ 6:00 PM

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Date: August 16th
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Nuel's place - address to be flickr emailed to RSVP'd

Confirmed attendees:
-metakephoto [interested in Wacom pad & actions]
-GeoFX [interested in Wacom pad, printers and ICC profiles]
-silverwolfe [general workflow sequence]
-westwindsphotography [interested in image adjustments, actions]
-A Drifting Difference
-Black Dog Photography [interested in Wacom, image adjustments, matting, monitor cals]
-amanky [general workflow sequence, Lightroom]
-Tom.Lechner [software]
-taminsea [digital workflow, external hard drives, digital storage, photoshop, photoshop plug-ins, and lightroom]
-moore fun

Scope: We will start with a dinner BBQ then cover a variety of topics about how we manage our images and post process them. The syllabus is located here at the bottom of this thread.

Cost for lecture: Free.

Cost for BBQ: Assigned here, sign up for one -
Nuel: beer and cocktails, meats/fish for grilling, condiments
metakephoto: bottled water
Black Dog Photography: mix green salad
westwindsphotography: the famous chicken dish
GeoFX: ice cream
Mr. Meeker: sodas
amanky: chips and guacamole
Tom.Lechner: potato salad
silverwolfe: fruit dessert
A Drifting Difference: chips and salsa
Whoowl: veggie plater
strober: sandwich wraps
Taminsea: chocolate dessert

Requirements: Bring a few unprocessed raw format images of your own on memory cards to play with.

Pre-shoot checklist:
1) in Camera settings
2) Setting White balance / use of Expodisc and grey cards
3) Card readers/multimedia storage viewers
4) Rescue images from memory cards with Image Rescue

Let’s quickly talk hardware/software:
1) Monitors
2) Printer and paper types
3) Calibration tools for correct color management
4) Wacom pad and Logitech NuLooq controller programming
5) External hard-drives and backup software
6) Mat cutters, Rotatrims, picture frames, photo displays
7) What is Aperature/LightRoom used for
8) What is Photoshop and Plug-ins used for

Image import and archive management:
1) Using Aperature/Lightroom to manage our pictures

Monitor calibration and ICC profiling with X-rite products:
1) Performing monitor calibrations
2) Creating ICC paper profiles

Image Adjustments:
1) Preparing Raw image in ACR for post processing
-Image adjustment in ACR
-Workflow settings in ACR
-Setup of color space and softproofing in Photoshop
2) The 9 step workflow
-Global exposure correction
-Crop to finished size
-Global color enhancement
-Global contrast adjustment
-Local color adjustment
-Cloning and clean up
-Dodging and Burning
-Noise reduction
3) Using Photoshop Vs. Photoshop Plug-ins
-Simulating lens blur
-Simulating fill flash
-Skin softening
-Fixing blown highlights
4) Using and Creating Actions and Scripts
-Creating your own action
-Using someone else's action
-Using scripts
5) Using DxO to correct geometry distortions
-Keystoning, anamorphosis distortion

Image output:
1) Considerations on print driver settings
2) Exporting to the internet
3) Mats and frames
4) Electronic picture frames
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