DIY Barndoors?

YouLookNiceTodayPhotography 6:03pm, 15 July 2008
So I ordered one of the strobist kits from several months ago and I noticed that in the package there is materials for supposedly making Barndoors ( thin sheet of tin and reflective tape). This is great and all but I can't find any tutorials on how to make one.

I did make 2 snoots which work great so do I really need to make barndoors as well?
Whoowl 10 years ago
Barndoors are used differently than than snoots. They are typically used to prevent light from hitting the lens and creating flare, or for shielding just one part of the subject from getting lit. For instance, one typical use is to light a backdrop and prevent spill from hitting the person in front of it.
I've used barndoors when I am trying to focus a light source without getting the spot effect of the snoot. They will create a rectangular "slice" of light instead of the round spot characterized by snoots. Nice for lighting people and not the foreground/background.
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