melodic knot [deleted] 8:40pm, 14 July 2008
Thank you so much for clicking such a boring title.

We have this huge shoot planned - and I am really needing to talk to knowledgeable folks of Oregon.

The shoot is Safari themed. I need to get out to a more barron/desert looking area of Oregon in the shortest amount of time possible.

Could anyone suggest any routes/places? Do you have any photos of the locations or area i could look at?

Please help!

//.Alicia Mariah
masonmarsh 10 years ago
I'd blast east past the Dalles. You could be in treeless desert in about 2 hours from Portland.
melodic knot [deleted] 10 years ago
Got any pix of it?

Thanks for the response. =]
LukeOlsen PRO 10 years ago
Are you looking more for barren rock type desert or like a sandy type desert?
OregonVelo 10 years ago
Where are you starting from?
OregonVelo Posted 10 years ago. Edited by OregonVelo (admin) 10 years ago
Hardlinejoe Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Hardlinejoe (member) 10 years ago
If you're looking for sandy desert, there's the Alvord Desert, down on the far side of the Steens, 7 miles wide of nothing but sand. There's also a hot springs to soak in after a long shoot.

Avlord Desert
Doug S photo 10 years ago
I grew up in Burns, OR, near the Alvord desert. About as remote a place in the continental US as you can get, but quite a drive from Portland. Oregon has several types of desert, I've always thought that the high desert area between Bend and Burns is very picturesque, lots of juniper trees, sage brush and extinct volcanoes.
Hardlinejoe 10 years ago
The Lava Flows by Wickiup Reservoir are pretty barren and cool. Not quite as barren, but equally cool, is Crack In The Ground.
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