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[ninjaphoto] 2:16am, 2 July 2008
Just announced today! I didn't see a release date yet, but it's still pretty exciting!

The new Nikon D700

and the new Nikon SB-900
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
Yeah the SB900 is supposed to be $500, which is crazy expensive. And i thought $320 was expensive for the SB800.

Though the Master and Remote control switch on the outside of the flash is a pretty cool feature.
Whoowl 10 years ago
I like three things:

1) Master/Remote/Commander from a dial (finally!!)
2) Can turn the head 180 degrees in BOTH DIRECTIONS
3) 25% faster recycle times compared to SB800 with fifth battery, but it only needs four. I hate trying to buy/carry that fifth battery.
4) Can change the beam spread to wide, normal, or center, sort of like a build in snoot. I bet the 200mm center is very snoot like!

Ok, that is four things.... I just don't know if that is worth $180 more than an SB-800....
OregonVelo 10 years ago
But it isn't sealed... what is up with that?
thinkable straw [deleted] 10 years ago
i'm with shane, it's not sealed, which is pretty lame. now i've used my sb-600's uncovered in the pouring rain and they were champs, but I don't recommend chancing it.

greenwoodimages Posted 10 years ago. Edited by greenwoodimages (member) 10 years ago
it has an optional cover for the weather.

To enhance the weatherproof ability of Nikon D-SLRs, optional Water Guards will be available for select cameras to protect the connection between the flash and camera, allowing users to utilize the flash when weather conditions are less than ideal.

I was saving for a D300 too...god dammit!!! now I've got to raise another 1300 dollars.. I mean what's the point of even owning a d300 now...
Ben Lundberg 10 years ago
i kinda think the whole 200mm zoom on the flash is a cool feature :)

though im poor and i will have to get by with jsut the two sb-600's but maybe the new sb-900 will drive the price of the sb-800 and the sb-600 prices down

metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
Why the switch from D300 to D700 in numbers? In the past there was a natural progression from the D100, D200 to the D300, but now a D700??
Whoowl 10 years ago
@OregonVelo - what is with you and the sealing? I have never had an issue with any Nikon flash including this past weekend when I took it out in the pouring rain and fog at the beach. No sand, no water in the flash. Plus there is optional weather protection for the cameras and flash now. I suppose if you stand under a waterfall you might have issues...

@westwind - you sure you need the D700? I am loving having full frame but the cost of the camera is only the start. Keep in mind that Nikon has a huge selection of DX lenses at this point but the pickings for FX are all spendy (at least for lenses that are going to get you the quality that the FX sense will need). Nikon really needs some f4 constant FX lenses in it's line up for cost/weight reduction.

@metakephoto - my guess is that they are going to go down in three digit numbers for FX, and up in DX, so the next DX would be the D400, or D350, and the next FX would be D600. Probably the 24MP Pro body would be a D3x or if the 24MP was release with the D300 style body it might be a D900
greenwoodimages Posted 10 years ago. Edited by greenwoodimages (member) 10 years ago
@Metake.. the D700 is just bad ass...they can call it what they want:)

@Oregon Velo,
You don't have to worry about weather sealing, your a Canon man!
The canon equivalent 580exMkII is pretty weather proof. And a 100 dollars cheaper than the SB900.

It's weird that nikon just made their new big dog with specks that Canon threw out between their 580exMkI and 580exMkII. The Mark 1 has moving switches (for master/Slave, and on and off), like the nikon has now, but to make it weather tight they went for sealed buttons (except the on/off) on the Mark 2, which sucks when you need to move to master/slave mode immediately, rather than hold the button for 2-3 seconds and navigate menus. I prefer the master/slave switch myself, it's a good move by nikon that gives you a few vital seconds back , lets hope it works.

The studio where I work bought a few MK2's when they first were released, but we sold them all when we realized our disadvantage, we then bought 3 of the MK1's since everyone thought the MK2's were newer ( so they must be better mentality) and were getting rid of the 1's. So far It's saves our asses several times.

I want to be in master mode and I want it now!!!

Mk 1

Mk 2 flash sensor 580EX II/IMG_0845_TEST.jpg
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