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PDX Strobist Photoshoot - "Attack of the Clones" - Saturday July 19th (RSVP List)

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PDX Strobist Photoshoot - "Attack of the Clones"
Date: Saturday July 19th
Time: 5pm till ???
Location: John and Rochelle's place.

Location have been flickr-mailed to everyone that has RSVP'd. This is a POTLUCK so please post what you are going to bring and I will add it next to your name. We need a variety of stuff so look at the list of what others are bringing and bring something different.

The basis of this shoot is to clone your subject, so make sure to bring a tripod.
Here's a flickr group thats devoted to "clones" to get some good ideas of what the shoot is about.
At the shoot we will be working with one model per group and it would be a good idea to pre-plan ideas before the shoot (so feel free to use this post as a planning ground and RSVP page)

Photography Requirements: All participants photographing models are required to submit at least 1 image per model that they photograph. And there will be NO model releases signed between photographers/models during this shoot. This meetup/photoshoot is for educational purposes and having fun.

Uploading Images Instructions

Meetup/Photoshoot FAQ's

Please add the following tag to your photos:

***Also make sure to label all your equipment (especially light stands, pocket wizards umbrellas and flashes)***

RSVP List for Photographers and Models

metakephoto - Pizza and Paper Plates
datangpdx - beer
Mr. Meeker - chips
GeoFX - soda (diet and non-diet)
kenneth barton
coupeowner - Beer and some sort of dip concoction or two
Tom.Lechner - bringing some sort of noodle business
westwindsphotography - some yummy chicken
deziner999 - Sweet Corn Casserole

Motochick~Liz - MM#543640
Zuzzie - MM#749371 - bringing salad and garlic bread
Tara Walker (Cinetique Femme)- MM#580279
Tessa Lynn - MM#362846 (tentative)
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