metakephoto PRO 3:54pm, 24 June 2008
PDX Strobist Meetup/Photoshoot FAQ's

Q - Wait? I don't understand... How do I help the others in my group?
A - It's simple! If they are new and having a hard time, ask them if they would like help. If they are a pro, ask them if they want you to help move a light, or be a voice activated light stand.

Q - Do I have to work with others, or have others helping me?
A - Yes! This meet-up is about helping people learn. If you know you can do this in your sleep, then setup your shots, and tell the others in your group what you are doing. Tell them why you put a light there, what effect you are going for by doing that... Show them your monitor and show how changing things changes the shot. You might even get some feedback or ideas that help you get even better.

Q - I get what you are saying about helping people learn, but I am not very social and I just want to practice. What should I do?
A - Come have fun! Practice, but work with those in your group. This isn't about getting the shot, it's about getting better by seeing other's perspectives and ideas. Each of us has something we can learn from another.

Q - I don't like all this structure/you sound bossy. Can I just show up and watch?
A - Absolutely! Just don't interfere with others.

Q - What happens if I have a problem with someone in my group, or I don't like this group thing?
A - Find an admin, talk to them, we will try and make it work. Admins will have something (undecided) to help you find them during the shoot.

Q - I don't want to shoot the models / I brought my own model, do I still have to work in a group?
A - No, if you don't want to work with the models and you want to shoot something else that is fine, but you might want to see if you can make a group for your idea anyway. The group is not just about sharing time with the models but also in helping to prevent problems to others and a great way to learn.

Q - This sounds like total crap and I don't like it. / You ruined PDX Strobist.
A - I am sure the meet-up you organize will be cooler. Seriously, we do this for free as volunteers and we want to make everyone happy. We are open to all suggestions, and are going to keep trying different ideas until we find something that really works well for everyone.

Q- If I am working with 5 others how am I going to get enough time with the model?
A- Each person should work until they get a couple of good shots with the model and then let the next person try. If someone is taking a long time, ask them how you can help them to get the shot quicker. Collaborate, and figure out how to do things quicker or just all do the same setup.

Q- I didn't go to the last meet-up (or any meetups), so do I have to have photos submitted to attend this one?
A- No, you only need to submit images for shoots you attend. If you attend a shoot and then don't submit your images to the models (through the site) then you are not allowed to another meet-up until you do. Think of it like doing your home-work as part of getting to participate
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