Johnny Sewell 9:12pm, 12 June 2008
I don't know if this is the best way or place to do this or not but an admin can delete this if it is against the rules.

I am coming to Portland for vacation with my wife & 23 year old son for vacation. We are going to be visiting relatives in Portland, Gresham & Sandy.

We also will be doing normal tourist things for the week including trying to get some shots of your great outdoors.

I am a Canon shooter with a 5D and 20D, serious amateur (PPA member) and just bought a strobist kit from MPEX. So now I have two strobes, 580EX and Vivitar 285, 2 pocket wizards, lightstands, etc. And the Wein Peanut slave. Just bought means I just got the stuff out of the box yesterday and only used it on some tabletop shots last night.

If anyone has time to get together to talk/play with this stuff I will try to escape family duties for a while to meet up.


johnnysewell at mac dot com
silverwolfe PRO 10 years ago
I don't know much yet to help you with your exciting new toys...

for touristy fun stuff - don't forget saturday market (also open on sundays).

and the Tigard Festival of Balloons is this weekend. They take off VERY early AM, hang out around the festival the rest of the day, and 'glow' at night. pretty cool. music, typical festival stuff, classic cars last year too.
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