curious tray [deleted] 2:15pm, 23 May 2008
I see a lot of these little slaves for sale on auction sites. Anyone using them? Are they worth buying?

coupeowner 10 years ago
I have a friend that uses them for interior, real estate shots. They are not powerful, but can be used to highlight items in the background. He uses them in cabinets, on plants, artwork, etc. I have been suprised how well the triggers work on his (think they are made by morris). As cool as they are for him, I'm not sure I would get much use out of them.
wetribe 10 years ago
look interesting - any links to them or product names?
curious tray [deleted] 10 years ago
TNX coupeowner that's exactly the information I was really after. A slave flash is no good if it doesn't trigger, so thanks for that bit...
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