OregonVelo 11:25pm, 18 April 2008
I am horrible with names. Our group is growing larger and I thought it would be great that as people join the group that we have a place that they can look to place names with faces and they can add their own.
OregonVelo Posted 10 years ago. Edited by OregonVelo (admin) 10 years ago
Day 8 of 365
kenneth barton PRO 10 years ago
Granted I don't look like I did when this photo was taken of me in front of the colosseum at El Jem, Tunisia in 1992, but I am working on getting the longish hair back.


dansana 10 years ago


I scared all the children away while making this one.
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
thinkable straw [deleted] 10 years ago
Same image that's in my avatar.

Your's Truly
Aaron Audio 10 years ago

The names Aaron
LukeOlsen PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by LukeOlsen (admin) 10 years ago
Not really a portrait but the closest thing I have in my stream right now.

GeoFX Posted 10 years ago. Edited by GeoFX (member) 10 years ago

Taken by my wife in Japanese Garden while doing funny face...

Tom.Lechner PRO 10 years ago
The Beginning of the End of My Wallet
Whoowl 10 years ago
Not really a self portrait and I had wished they had known about fill flash but it shows me at Santacon last year:

National Geo Santa
greenwoodimages 10 years ago
Me in my Mamiya.
Schona Kessler Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Schona Kessler (member) 10 years ago
I know I haven't been able to attend a shoot yet...but I am always here. :)
Updated on Jan 20th,2009 with a strobist pic

Imagination Self Portrait
wetribe 10 years ago
drwhimsy Posted 10 years ago. Edited by drwhimsy (member) 10 years ago
Here's a recent self portrait(s?):

visual pun - example

I'll miss the May meetup (for a studio lighting class at Newspace), but I'm look forward to seeing folks in June (perhaps we can have a strobist "fill lighting" tribute to the longest day of the year).
Hardlinejoe 10 years ago
I'm new to the group, still putting together my strobist lighting kit (tax refund can't get here quick enough), but I've been using homemade continuous light kits for awhile.

Bathtime With Mother

Not a great picture of me, looks like I have my mouth full of marshmallows or something.
[ninjaphoto] 10 years ago

April 27, 2008
OregonVelo 10 years ago
Josephine Dirt #6
Nothing like reviving an old post. I didn't post my mug the first time so I might as well now:

My photobooth photos
mm767cap 10 years ago
Well, I haven't made it to a group meeting yet, because I'm the New Kid on the Block. If I look mighty uncomfortable holding this kid, it's because I am! I have no idea what to do with these things!!

Ben Lundberg 10 years ago

me waiting for some models to change... so i jumped in and my friend took the shot with my d80 while i was holding her d80...

and as for the introduction... my name is ben and i live down in Eugene... i try to be as active as i can in the PDX strobist group and make it up when i can, but i help run the Eugene one too so i get pretty busy... lol and i'm not actually this cool looking in real life :)

WJPpdx Posted 10 years ago. Edited by WJPpdx (member) 10 years ago
Secret Agent by WJPpdx

Alright, I'll follow up Ben's coolio shot with my own. I'm Wade Pruett, new to the group. Always open to connecting with y'all for shoots or just shootin' the breeze about photography. Especially interested in talking with those of you who are running photography businesses to share your insights and experience. I'm getting started, slowly, but getting a little work here and there.

I live in SE PDX and will be setting up a small spare room studio.

Thanks- Wade
dragonfire72 10 years ago

This is one of my favorite shots so far. I enjoy playing with the light to create cool and moody pictures. Sometimes it works... sometimes 8^)

reesman9 10 years ago
P1295570 copy
Doug S photo Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Doug S photo (member) 10 years ago
Here's a recent shot of me from a photo safari last week up in the Gorge with my buddy Mark Chamberlin. Thanks for the photo, Mark.

eboomer 10 years ago
New to the group and strobism. Would enjoy hanging out at a meetup.
g-r-a-n-t 10 years ago

what eboomer said: new and would enjoy a meet-up.
ShutterCraze (NUEL) Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ShutterCraze (NUEL) (admin) 10 years ago

Nothing special but just the most recent photo of me taken tonight at a friend's wedding.
ShutterCraze (NUEL) Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ShutterCraze (NUEL) (admin) 9 years ago
ShutterCraze on the Columbia River

More recent footage of me from today wakeboarding on the Columbia River.
the_original_funkytoaster Posted 9 years ago. Edited by the_original_funkytoaster (member) 9 years ago
Me and my boy. I'm the big hairy one.

Dada and Boy-o

My name is Jesse but you can just call me Toast;)
dath1974 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by dath1974 (member) 9 years ago
Recent self portrait. . .

Me Again. . . by dath1974

ʎɥdɐɹbodıd 9 years ago

Me being goofy doing exposure tests in m'garage :)
Placebo #4 9 years ago
Self Portriat by Placebo #4

correct poker attire
charming alarm [deleted] 9 years ago
Hall of Shame

GeoFX Posted 9 years ago. Edited by GeoFX (member) 9 years ago
highres_10407162 (by GeoFX)

I just did a self-portrait earlier with bubble head.

- George
noisy rabbits [deleted] 9 years ago
My comb over, shy photographer
njl-photolog PRO 9 years ago
Like most photographers, I'm not keen on self-portraits:

Me, Myself and I
GeoFX 9 years ago
Niels' award winning photo!! ^_^
njl-photolog PRO 9 years ago
@GeoFX: There was an award??? a trophy? or money? LOL
xqsme01 9 years ago
New to the group ( just joined in) but I have met a couple of the members here.
AKA Ben Arb from another group

njl-photolog PRO 9 years ago
@xqsme01: Hi Ben. Very cool self-portrait!
john joshua a by bruce e hutson

Now that I plan on becoming a regular with this fine group, here is a shot of me from a few years ago in Joshua Tree - an AMAZING place just to visit and even more so to photograph.
Daynatron 9 years ago
Hehehe ... Here mee are ;)
-Dayna 9 years ago
my very first self portrait while testing to make sure both of my lightst pop.

Barley Gnome Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Barley Gnome (member) 9 years ago
Ok, I did poorly on that test. heres one of me,
Me by Barley Gnome
, wish I could say that it was done with a strobe, but it was a continuous light....the sun.
economic linen [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by economic linen (member) 9 years ago
I'm AJ


Admiral Snackbar says: "Have a great Halloween!"
Jonathan K Sakkos 9 years ago
I am

Groups Beta