metakephoto PRO 5:20am, 14 April 2008
Please tag all your photos with "pdxstrobist0408" + models info:

Click here to get the correct stage names for the girls in Sugar Q Burlesque Troupe (also please add the tag "Sugar Q" and "burlesque")

**and thanks to Tara and Jennifer for helping model today**

Tara Walker (Cinetique Femme)

Jennifer Robin


All participants photographing models are required to submit at least 1 image per model that they photograph. And there will be NO model releases signed between photographers/models during this shoot. This meetup/photoshoot is for educational purposes
and having fun.


Initial Setup - do this if you are a new model or photographer

1) Everyone (models and photographers) should head over to and register for an account. You just need to fill out the form, and pick a name. Probably good if you use the same as your flickr handle to avoid confusion. Whatever you put for "Full Name" will be visable so choose something you are comfortable with sharing.

2) Once your account is approved, sign in and this will immediate create a personal gallery for you. A gallery is like a Set in flickr land, but you can create sub-galleries inside them.

3) Models, set your Gallery to allow uploads from any registered user. Note: You will only have to ever do this the first time!

To do this goto:
- Album ---> Edit Permissions
- In the box under "Add new group permissions", put "Registered Users" into the box, and then pull down and select "add sub item"
- If you need help, just write me and I can do it for you.
4) Photographers you don't need to do anything more until you are ready to upload pictures (see below)


Photographers - Upload your Pictures!

Photographers, now that you have your spiffy account, and the models have given you the ability to add items to their galleries, you just need to do the following:

1) Create a zipfile that contains all the pictures for each model you took pictures of during a shoot. I think this zipfile can't exceed 25 MB in size at the moment, but I have not really tested it. If it's bigger than this, make a few zip files.

- Each image within the zip file should contain photographer information so that the model knows which person took the picture.
-Also its a good idea to add a strip on the bottom of each photo
with your photographer name and/or website info.
- Needs to be in JPEG form (probably 100%), big enough for the
models to print 8x10 for their portfolio.
- I would also recommend that we use sRGB color-space to not
confuse the models when they try and show them online, or get prints.
2) Go to the site and login
3) Navigate back to the main gallery, and then into the gallery for the model.
4) From the album actions list, choose "add items"
5) Find your zipfile(s) and click browse. For caption put in

your name/company name - shoot date. Click upload. Wait for it to complete.

Note: The upload script won't run longer than 10 minutes, so you need to be able to transfer the full zipfile in 10 minutes. If you can't because of your connection speed, then make a bunch of smaller zipfiles)

THAT'S IT! Now the models have full access to the images, and can move, delete, download, organize, whatever.
Models here is how you download all the images in one big zipfile once they are uploaded.

1) Log in to the site
2) Goto your gallery
3) Under Item Actions choose "Add Album to Cart"
4) When you get to the cart screen, at the top right, pull down
and select "Download in Zip" (note, you can remove any pics you are not interested in downloading at this stage too)
5) Your download will start after a bit, and you will get a file that has all the pictures in it.
Aaron Audio 10 years ago
Are jpg uploads not a good idea? Is zip required?
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
It's just easier for some people if you have a bunch of shots to zip them..but you can upload them directly too.
Aaron Audio 10 years ago
Can I upload jpg's to my gallery? Is that what it is for? Or should I just submit them to the models gallery?
OregonVelo 10 years ago
They need to go to the models gallery... The isn't really meant to be a site for displaying your work but more so an easy way for models to get their photos. isn't meant to replace the flickr site.
Aaron Audio 10 years ago
Ah, Good to go!
Aaron Audio Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Aaron Audio (member) 10 years ago
Can someone name this model and maybe give me contact info so I can shoot the original to her mother?

afraid caption [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm the mom, and her name is Kayla Wiebe ;)
Thanks for sharing this one, it's really great!
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