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OregonVelo is a group administrator OregonVelo says:

Coming off the success of our first mini-meet I encourage others to create their own mini-meet. Mini-meets could be as simple as meeting after work for a evening stroll and shot of downtown; to a shoot for a stricter intended purpose. Also they are a great tool to introduce other to things that you enjoy such was the intended purpose of the last mini-meet.

Mini-meets that are in the planning stage by me:
Evening at Alpenrose (Track Racing)
Evening at Mt. Tabor (Circuit Racing)
Evening at PIR (Mountain Bike Short Track Racing)
A day at Mt. Hood (Downhill Racing)
A day at Alpenrose (Cross Racing)

Mini-meets that I would like to see is:
Tour of PNCA (Mr. Meekers school) **hint**
Tour of New Space **hint**
The Nothings Reptile Facility
3:39PM, 10 April 2008 PDT (permalink)

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pdxblazer503 says:

Ideas I have is to give the Kung Fu master here a propaganda shot ! :-)
ages ago (permalink)

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