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metakephoto PRO 11:04pm, 24 March 2008
Please RSVP if you'd like to attend the April 13th 2008 meetup/photoshoot @ Vega Dance+Lab. And this time around i'll be splitting everyone up into groups so we can help each other out.

**Photographer Capacity 30** (Event Full)

Date: Sunday April 13th 2008
Time: 10-4pm (confirmed)
Location: Vega Dance+Lab
1322 SE Water Ave
Portland, OR 97214
Cost: Free (but you need to be on the RSVP list and follow the photography requirements listed below)

Photography Requirements: All participants photographing models are required to submit at least 1 image per model that they photograph. And there will be NO model releases signed between photographers/models during this shoot. This meetup/photoshoot is for educational purposes and having fun.

*Uploading Images Instructions:

*Tagging Info: Please tag all your photos from the April 2008 meetup/photoshoot: pdxstrobist0408

***Also make sure to label all your equipment (especially light stands, pocket wizards umbrellas and flashes)***

ballyhoo photography
kenneth barton
footnoteblog (tentative)
Sircoupe +1 (photo editor of Eugene newspaper)
Alleh Lindquist
Black Dog Photography +1 (jon_d_himes)

SugarQ Burlesque Troupe (6 members)

Tara Walker (Cinetique Femme)


Rochelle (CANCELLED)

Jennifer Robin
(101 to 116 of 116 replies)
Aaron Audio 10 years ago
I would be interested in attending. I use a 580ex connected with hot shoe cord firing a 420ex. I use a 14 in soft box and an umbrella, so I am pretty self sufficient. Ill take Stereoblinds spot if it still available. Let me know. Thanks

kenneth barton PRO 10 years ago
I just got the call from Juliana Tobon and she can't make it because of preparations for a wedding (I think). I'm not sure how the waiting list thing works but it's somebody's lucky day.


PS - I will still have Jennifer Robin and Tara Walker along as models as planned
Aaron Audio Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Aaron Audio (member) 10 years ago

I will be bringing an assistant. He is my lighting guru. Just want to double check to make sure thats ok.

metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
@Black Dog Photography: Honestly, I think it's a little weird having an assistant at a shoot like this. These shoots are mainly for learning and you'll be working within your group during the day, and in essence you'll have 4-5 other photographers in your group that can help you out/assist.

I don't want to make a call on something like this, I'll let the other people in this group give me their opinion...
Aaron Audio 10 years ago
@ metake

I see what you are saying. My "assistant" is kind of my partner in crime. I usually shoot with him. I just did not want to burden the group with inviting another photographer. If he could go and just observe that would be great. Being new to this group, I really dont know what to expect. I do appreciate the opprotunity to be able to attend. Solo or not, I see this being a great experience.
jon_d_himes 10 years ago
I am the lighting guru that Black is talking about. I have a speedotron 2304x set up with 2- 202vr strobes with grids and can bring them it you would all like. They can hook up with PWs if you so choose.
Whoowl 10 years ago
Wow, David makes a post on Strobist.com about how he is going to start talking more about studio lights and not just speedlites and now everyone wants to bring big strobes to the event. Anyone else thing this sort of gets away from the original idea of "do more with less"?
LukeOlsen PRO 10 years ago
@Black Dog Photography: I think it can be weird too but than again my image of an assistant might be skewed. The goal, obviously, is to let all in the group an equal opportunity to participate and if jon's role doesn't impact that then I don't think it's a problem. Space is also an issue so I would suggest you bring enough equipment as if you were only one shooter. I think we will be tripping over each other's light stands as it is.
@jon_d_himes: While I would be curious to see your gear I won't be needing to use them simply because I'm still trying to grasp the gear I have. I take it Black Dog Photography would be using it? However on this issue I speak only for myself - others may want to borrow.
Aaron Audio 10 years ago
Lets forget I used the word assistant. Hes more like an adviser. He has some good experience with lighting scenarios. If space is limited though, I have no problem relying on the speed lights instead of the speedotrons.
| whiteSpace | PRO 10 years ago
I agree with Whoowl. I didn't see the post David made re: studio lights but the strobist group and it's offshoots has always been about using speedlights to get great results. I think we should stick to that plan.
jon_d_himes Posted 10 years ago. Edited by jon_d_himes (member) 10 years ago
Ok Speedos are out. (maybe at a future event dedicated to use of studio equipment) I would still like to go with Black to use as a learning experience for him, myself and the group also. I would not be getting in the way and do not need to be shooting but offer what ever insight and experience I may have. Is that something you guys are for or against.
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
@jon_d_himes: sounds good jon (so come as an assistant, but be prepared to shoot if you want) and far as lights go, bring whatever your comfortable with. And make sure to label all the equipment you bring.
kenneth barton PRO 10 years ago
Since I don't own any Speedlights I like the idea of Jon bringing his Speedotron system, but not to this shoot because it's already been pretty well planned around a limited space environment. Instead I hope that Jon brings it (with grids etc) to our May shoot which is not yet planned. Then I, and probably others would love to hook up to them and prepare notes and ideas.

I brought the small powerpack I use to our last meeting, but didn't bother setting it up until later in the afternoon after many shooters had left. The folks who did plug into it seemed to have a pretty good time shooting Tara on the pool table.

metakephoto PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by metakephoto (admin) 10 years ago
k, I updated the models page on the beginning of this post( I know it's only 1 day before the shoot, but i've been busy)

Also if you get a chance, try and take a look at the Sugar Q MySpace page (under the pics section):

So you'll have an understanding of what they've already done photographically...So we wont be mimicking those shots exactly, or at least try not to. And the "brick wall 2" in my diagram (i think it's actually a silver metal wall which could be alot of fun)

And last and final thing, try and think of some unique ways to pose a group shot with 6 girls in it. (creative lighting, posing, mood, etc..)
Auzigog 10 years ago
I know this is as last minute as possible, but I might be bringing a first-time model. I figured it couldn't hurt since two of the models canceled. If he does come, it'll be around noon or 1.
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
k. no problem
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