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Did you shoot me doing makeup?

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Aimee J'Adore says:

I recall several of you taking a few shots of me doing Susie's makeup at the Strobist meeting last Sunday. I was busy (haha) so I didn't turn around and recall all or "who" you were! Could those who took some -- would you mind sending them to me? I'd really like to have those if they came out interesting for my port! Thank you so very much.


Aimee Diviney
8:25AM, 21 March 2008 PDT (permalink)

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| whiteSpace | is a group administrator | whiteSpace | says:

I posted one here on Tuesday. I'm planning on uploading my shots to strobist.org, later today or tomorrow if that'll work for you.
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afraid caption [deleted] says:

I posted some to your gallery on PDXstrobist for you.
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Rosborough Photography says:

I have a few that I haven't processed yet. I will send them when they are finished. Thanks, Aaron
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drwhimsy says:

As a criminal defense lawyer, I advise anyone choosing to answer a question that starts with these four words to respond: "No"
Originally posted ages ago. (permalink)
drwhimsy edited this topic ages ago.

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Stereoblind says:

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pdxblazer503 says:

LOL ! drwhimsy, you made my day :-)
Aimee, you got to rephrase the question a bit in order to
give people a chance not incriminating themselves .... lol
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