coupeowner 5:37pm, 20 March 2008
I asked three people last weekend w/ Canon 580exII flashes how to keep the flash from auto powering off. Nobody could remember.

I just looked it up. It's custom function 01 setting 1. Setting 0 is the default auto timer setting. And the settings stay active when you turn the flash off (you loose it after a minute without batteries).

For my Nikon SB-28, you press the MODE button as you turn on the power with the on/off button.

I figured I would post to the group, as it is relevant to at least 4 of us.
OregonVelo 10 years ago
Thank you... I was afraid I was going to have to look it up online. :)
mmhappypants 10 years ago
Hey thanks! I was one of those 3 you asked. I swear that is the most annoying thing about that flash! Thanks for looking it up for us. I just switched mine.
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