Whoowl 7:19pm, 18 March 2008
I am tired of having to ask people "Can you please hold this like this?" and decided to get some lightstands. Trying to decide between light and compact, and little heavier but able to go higher.

Which do you guys prefer and why?

Here are the ones I am looking at right now:

Light and compact, looks durable: www.adorama.com/BG3373.html

Tad heavier, but longer, but looks even more durable and would get the flash up to 8': www.adorama.com/BG3372.html

I have some Photoflex stuff and generally am impressed with the quality so I am also considering their 7' stand which is a bit heavier than the bogen, but it's in stock and holds up to 8lbs so if I got studio flashes later, I could put them on top: www.adorama.com/PFLSLW.html

Lastly, does anyone have any experience with the updated "super clamp"? Supposedly better than the original but I don't know if it's worth the extra money: www.adorama.com/BG635.html

Thanks in advance!
I've bought a couple 10' Westcott light stands from Pro Photo Supply. They seem similar to the 7.5 Bogen/Man stands second in your list here. They've been about $60-65 or so and do a great job for me. They are about the cheapest stands there too so should be easy to locate them. As for the super clamp, cant help there but I have bought the Photoflex hotshoe umbrella adapters from PFS as well (about $20/ea I think). They may have the superclamps there too???
I recomend thse as they are just darned nice and the build quality is really quite good. Was it worth the $100.00 it cost me? heck ya..

coupeowner 10 years ago
I bought the same setup from BH. I agree that it is a good deal. Had one of the handles on the clamp break, but nothing a little superglue can't fix. Also found an old folding lawn chair bag (from one of those $10 foldup chairs) that everything fits into very well (both stands and both umbrellas).

You are welcome to check the kit in person if you want. I am in SW PDX/Beaverton.
Whoowl 10 years ago
Yeah that seems like a great value and is B&H's house brand For that price, even if they only last for the 1 year of warranty I would have got my value out of it, and can get better stands later.

Looks like they make a version of the newest super clamp too for about $10 less and it comes with a stuf (which Bogen wants another $6)

Thanks guys!
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
Go with the lighter stands for the portable flashes, but make sure they can go up high. I have the Bogen 3361's for my nikon SB800's and i think they work great. And I have heavy duty air cusioned stands for my WL monolights.

Here's an article on Strobist about the 5-section light stand that folds down to approx. 19.5 inches:
coupeowner 10 years ago
Somebody had those 5-section stands at the meet last weekend and they seemed pretty wobbly. They are nice and really compact when folded up. Not sure the max weight on those, but it can't be much. The 4-section folds down to 27" and has a max weight of 7.5 lbs.
The_Nothing 10 years ago
I was using these last weekend

inexpensive and not too bad. the swivel adapters leave some to be desired (nonlocking) but work well enough. for the price it was really hard to go wrong - two stands, two adapters, two umbrellas for $60 total... They ship from SanFran and were here in 2 days.

I they're not air cushioned, unfortunately. I did, however, through my old WL Ultra on one with a 24" softbox and it stayed upright. Would have been more comfortable with that combo if i had some sandbags or if the stand was cushioned...
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