Stolen Equipment

groovenerd 10:32pm, 16 March 2008
Hi everyone,

On March 4th, some dirtbag broke into my car in Portland and stole the following items:

1x Canon 580EX Flash in Canon Flash Case, SN: 159267
2x Pocket Wizard Plus II, SN: 6021332, SN: 6021633
2x Bogen/Manfrotto 3373 Compact Light Stand, Black
2x Bogen Super Clamp
2x Westcott White Shoot-through Umbrella w. Removable Black Back
2x Westcott White Bounce Umbrella
2x Westcott Silver Bounce Umbrella
2x Impact Umbrella/Hotshoe Flash Holder
2x Hotshoe Flash to PC Cable
2x Hotshoe Flash to 1/8" Plug Cable
Misc. non-photography stuff

The lighting equipment was in a black (or very dark gray) and gray 28" nylon sport/duffel bag from WalMart. The bag did not actually say "WalMart" on it, I don't think. There was a gray or black bath towel in the bag to protect things.

The flash had a fuzzy Velcro strip around the lens area to attach gels, etc., and may have had a rubber band around the head as well. It had silver and purple rechargeable batteries in it.

The umbrellas were folded up and in the nylon sleeves they came in. They were probably also inside the clear plastic sleeves that have the brand and model numbers on them.

If you come across any of this equipment or anyone trying to sell it, please try to get some info on them (name, license plate, vehicle description, etc.) and contact the police and myself.

Thank you very much.

thinkable straw [deleted] 10 years ago
Ah damn! I'll be keeping an eye out on craigslist.
pdxblazer503 10 years ago
That sucks ! I can relate to your feeling about this, coz I got my rental
car broken into as well last Thanks giving in San Francisco. lost bunch of photo equipments, laptop and hard drives. SFPD basically
just took it as noise

I read some article talking about future smart policing, embed expensive electronics with remote trigger devices, to disable the
equipment or mark it as stolen goods

If you have home insurance or renter insurance, they will cover it,
sounds rediculous, coz the car insurance will only cover around $200 property loss, and it is under home insurance coverage. if
you have one, call them, good luck !
thirsty grape [deleted] 10 years ago
i'll keep an eye out too, so sorry to hear about this.

any info on the area parked and or the place in the car the stuff was to perhaps help other strobists prevent this in the future?
kenneth barton PRO 10 years ago
Shit that sucks. I had all my gear taken from my car at a restaurant near Sears Point Raceway in the late 1980's. Amazingly, my insurance company replaced all my gear and equipment wise, I was actually better off for it. The tradegy was that I had been on assignment to cover an event for a racing magazine and needless to say, I was not invited to work for them again. In other words some random asshole had intended to only steal my gear, but instead he had robbed my of my reputation for reliability and that's what really hurt.

That does suck man. Sorry to hear it. Marty, try checking with your insurance company. You seem to have all your gear really well documented. Good luck and I'll keep an eye out as well.
Whoowl 10 years ago
I'm sorry for you. This sucks, and the police rarely do anything. I think we have all been here at some point in our lives.

I try and take my cameras in bags that I can easily bring with me, and if I have extra stuff that I can't reasonably carry then I at least cover it up and make it hard to see. It only takes a moment for someone to smash a window, grab something and be gone.

If they look in the window and don't see stuff they are less likely to randomly break into the car. Try to park in well lit and highly visible areas with lots of traffic if at all possible. I have heard that having a red blinking alarm light and alarm stickers on the car deters thieves even if you don't have an alarm. Fake alarms are less than $10, real alarms can be as cheap as $99 installed.

Also, be careful with home owners, they won't cover you if they find you are being paid while the stuff is broken or stolen. Actual commercial photographer insurance is only around $400 a year and gives you protection from liability as well. For instance if someone trips over a light stand and hurts themselves, they will protect you from a lawsuit for medical expenses Well worth it if you do anything for money.
OregonVelo 10 years ago
@whoowl – I am going to have to somewhat disagree with you about the police. Most people don’t have their serial numbers record somewhere or have their purchase receipts. If the police don’t have this information, there isn’t away to tell your equipment apart from someone else’s. How do they know it is yours? The recovery race of stolen gear that has the serial numbers reported to the police is much higher than people that don’t have the serial number. There isn’t much for police to do on a case like this unless there are witnesses to the crime or the perpetrator is performing a string of robberies. But later down the road, if the police bust a robber or if the robber takes the gear to a pawn shop or a camera shop then the serial numbers will shop up in the police database and you will be contacted.

Point of the story is, this sucks when it happens to you and the police can only do so much (not their fault that the government feel that they aren't that important). But when it does make sure your insurance covers you and make sure that you have the serial numbers for both your insurance and the police. In the end, your insurance should replace your gear and if the police do find it, most likely you can buy that gear back for dirt cheap (that is if the insurance company already paid you, if not, you will get it back free).
groovenerd 10 years ago
Thanks everyone. The car was parked near Grand in SE Portland, a few blocks south of Burnside under a streetlight. Nothing of value was out in the open, and the bag was in the back seat with some clothing. It happened between 6pm and 9:45pm. Talking to a business owner nearby, I found out that he recently had $7000 worth of stuff taken from his vehicle in broad freakin' daylight! Unbelievable...
Neruzz 10 years ago
That really sucks. I just heard a similar theft on the news, it was in the fugitive alert .
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