OT: PicLens

thinkable straw [deleted] 12:49am, 16 March 2008

Amazing plug-in.

It works with other browsers besides Firefox.

For example, if you click on the piclens icon on an image in the PDX Strobist pool, it will show you all of the images in the pool in a 3D window and lets you pan through all the images ever uploaded to the PDX strobist pool instantaneously.

It's amazing, try it!

Watch this to see how it works!:
Rosborough Photography 10 years ago
very cool Mr. Meeker! Thanks for sharing. Aaron
helpful volleyball [deleted] 10 years ago
I just downloaded it a few days ago and love it...It helps alot
Neruzz 10 years ago
I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago too and I love it.
Whoowl 10 years ago
This is the only way I browse through my groups on flickr. I can quickly get through hundreds of pics in the larger groups in a matter of moments. I love it.
thinkable straw [deleted] 10 years ago
Yeah, it's just amazing.
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