Private Tutoring

Stereoblind 5:37am, 3 March 2008
I finally was able to invest in a new strobe so now I have 2. Yay, I can play with the big boys now!

I would like some time with someone who is patient and knowledgable with Canon's Speedlites (580EX II, 430) if any one is inclined and available. My 580 is ETTL corded (15') and 430 on slave.

I look forward to practicing with everyone at the meeting but I have some "results specific" questions that I need help answering before the 16th. Actually this week if possible...

Sadly I don't learn from reading I actually have to do it then ask very simple questions I haven't see written down anywhere. So where better to plead my case than here, right?

If anyone is available and interested I can come to you or bring you to my studio in Vancouver, 5 mins North from Jantzen Beach.

I keep getting shoots where I say, "oh this would be perfect for (insert Strobist member name here)!". Thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement. But most of all, the excellent shots to refer to and attempt to come close to emulating the technique.

One day I'll be saying, "I can do that!"
LukeOlsen PRO 10 years ago
I would say experiment and ask away! I like my speedlights but ever since I got pocket wizards my use of TTL has dropped significantly and my trial and error has shot up tremendously. But I'm liking the results... does that make sense?

I would post your shot and setup and get the PDX strobist community (and perhaps the general strobist community) to look at your lighting setup and settings. You'll get better feedback.
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