dibesh 5:38pm, 30 January 2008
Not a "Strobist" topic I know but from meeting some of you I would love to hear what you have to recommend for purchasing a new 24" LCD monitor- one that has consistent color and brightness across various viewing angles etc. (M-PVA, S-IPS panel types preferred). Currently looking at Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC, Apple CinemaDisplay 23". Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
no matter what you choose make sure you also get a calibration device as well. this will make sure that over time you don't get funky color casts.
dibesh 10 years ago
@strayz01: Yeap, I've been using the pantone one for about a year now.
Stereoblind 10 years ago
If past experience helps I've always ended up choosing ViewSonic brand.

You're soaking in it!

(I'm using one now.)
groovenerd 10 years ago
Check out some of Samsung's offerings as well. Their 24" 245T has a wide-gamut LCD (97% of NTSC standard) for more true-to-life color. Looks like they have a 27" version (275T) as well. They use "a-si TFT/TN" panels, however.
jack satta (fnb) 10 years ago
The Apples are generally overpriced, but if you like great design and (supposedly, if the intarwebs are right), a better backlight. Either way, you should use a color calibrator. I would loan this group mine (ColorVision Spyder 2 Express version-- but I can't find the durn software serial number.
dibesh 10 years ago
Hi guys, it came down to the Apple CinemaDisplay 23" and the Dell 2407WFP-HC. I didn't think the Apple was worth the extra so was about to order the Dell only to find there is a 2408WFP-HC that should be releases this month so I'm waiting for it. BTW- I tried few Samsung's and din't like them cause their viewing angle was very very bad- if I moved my head few inches up/down/left/right the brightness would change drastically. Anyway, I'll wait for the Dell 2408WFP-HC.
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