Rosborough Photography 4:55am, 29 January 2008

Discount code:WESTCOTT

$19 after discount

Date: February 28, 2008 Time: 7:30PM
Time: 6:30PM-10:30PM
Trade Show: 6:30PM
Seminar: 7:30PM
Venue: Holiday Inn Portland Airport
Address: 8439 NE Columbia Blvd
City: Portland
State: OR
ZIP Code: 97220
Phone: 503-256-5000

Just saw this posted on another forum and thought I would pass on the info. I just signed up for the PDX seminar and figure if I get a few ideas from it then it's worth the nineteen bucks.

metakephoto PRO 11 years ago
I just signed you get a free DVD out of it too.
LukeOlsen PRO 11 years ago
dibesh 11 years ago
Excellent. Thanks for the coupon code- I was able to register successfully for $19. See you there.
amanky 11 years ago
I gotta assure myself I can get to this... seems silly to miss it, for only $20 (+gas...)
pdxblazer503 11 years ago
I registered, hopefully can put all the theoretical knowledge into practice in the next few strobist meetup. :-)
amanky 11 years ago
and, sure enough... I missed the boat.
amanky 11 years ago
so, randomly... through another mention, in another group, I ended up looking.. and there are openings again!

I'm in!
Schona Kessler 11 years ago
Just got a review on this from CA...she said 90% is about studio work and 75% of that is all shown on video...he really only used his equipment to talk about the gray card....

she said the 4 hour video made it worth paying $19. But that's about it for her...since she doesn't do studio stuff....

Just a heads up for all who are thinking of going....and haven't paid yet.
afraid caption [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm going as well, anyone want to meet at Elmers before hand for a bite to eat??
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
i'm up for what time?
afraid caption [deleted] 10 years ago
seminar starts at 6:30 right so what about 5:30?? time to eat and chat before we head over..
afraid caption [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by afraid caption (member) 10 years ago
there's one there on columbia blvd (i guess it's sandy) just off 205 so it's like 5 min away
amanky 10 years ago
get me an addy (so I can mapquest) and I'll head out that way... BUT, I'm coming in from the 'Hood... so you might just have to save me a spot, as I'll be "flying" into town, getting off work at only 4:30 (I'll certainly be trying to get out a smidge earlier if at all possible!_
thinkable straw [deleted] 10 years ago
I wish this was on the weekend, thursday won't fly with me!
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
weswindsphotography: i'm gonna pass on Elmers cause i dont think i can get there quick enough...i'm gonn abarely make it to the seminar by 6:30...hope to see you guys just grab me if i'm walking around cluelessy at the seminar...
Boring Boy Scott 10 years ago
Would love to meet up for food, but like metakephoto it is going to be hard for me to get there at 6:30 :-(
amanky Posted 10 years ago. Edited by amanky (member) 10 years ago
What if we all grabbed som'n AFTER the seminar... coffee, a drink, debrief, etc.???

just a thought. (as I'm coming in from HoodRiver, I'd love to at least shoot the breeze with some PTown folks!)

or maybe not, that's awfully late... hrm!?
Boring Boy Scott 10 years ago
10:30 isn't late :-D

I would up to it (though I won't be 21 for 7 more months, so we can't hit any bars)
amanky 10 years ago
ok then... we can grab som'n late, whoever is game!
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
how are we going to find each other at the seminar? cause there's a couple of you that i've never met in person...
LukeOlsen PRO 10 years ago
Strobist name tags. Just kidding.
helpful volleyball [deleted] 10 years ago
I never got around to buying a ticket...think they will have room
amanky 10 years ago
last I saw it was sold out... but then I got in after the first time I saw that.


I can log in to flickr at work.


email me AT

and I'll happily meet up before &/or after... otherwise my stream is chock full of pix of myself... I was going to tote my whole back pack of goodies. But I think I'll just carry my patchwork purse and my old school grey Tamrac camera case that barely fits the 40D.

Should have Black pinstripe pants, and a mulberry shirt...
helpful volleyball [deleted] 10 years ago
So I won't be able to come tonight...I am a little disappointed.
greenwoodimages 10 years ago
I got lucky and only spent 799.00 on the jumbo package, what a deal!
I like the big box idea, maybe we should make one at the next meetup.
And those 1.2 lens'.....holy crap!
metakephoto PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by metakephoto (admin) 10 years ago
I was pleasantly suprised with the seminar. There was alot of good information being talked out (not in lengthy detail, but still talked about) and the infomercial aspect things didnt bother me....the only thing that could of been done better is less video and more live action....And i agree with other peoples posts on other websites, that promoting the guest speakers was misleading, because none of them were actually there, just on video.
Laughing Coyote Photography Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Laughing Coyote Photography (member) 10 years ago
well, I had a good time there, I went in knowing that it is about giving us ideas, and in order to pay for him to run around the US like he does, he needs some sponcership, so they do have to mention the sponcers (Delkin, wescott, canon, ect..) but al the seminars that I have been to all have had to do that some just gloss over it and some make fun of it.. ( Clay and Jane come to mind about making fun about it.)
dibesh 10 years ago
As @strayz01 says I knew going in that for $19 someone had to be sponsoring him thus fully expected some infomercial in the program so was neither surprised by that nor disappointed- much. When there were actual presentation/live-talk I found it well done and enjoyed his style. The videos were a bit much and I too expected to see/meet/hear the other photographers on stage live and from their website and the promo. materials you couldn't have guessed that other photographers would only appear on video so was definitely disappointed. Nevertheless, the last video about the "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" organization made up for everything- it was very emotional and powerful for me- so much so that I went to their website to volunteer but not being a pro-photographer I don't know if they will accept me. If there are "Pros" in this group I would really suggest that you look into that org. if you can spare some time for a very worthy cause.

Speaking of which, has anyone in this group done any social/public-service photography? I know that on the last 3 meeting most have been shooting models etc. but can we not apply these techniques to do some social work just as-well in the hope of perhaps making a difference in the world we live in? Anway, maybe wrong group for this but if anyone has any advice on how to volunteer for social work photography please do let me know, Regards.
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
i'm open to ideas....
Boring Boy Scott 10 years ago
There is no way that I could ever handle the "Now I Lay me Down to Sleep" project - that was a very emotional video.

BUT! There is another service project, OpLove - which is taking photos of armed service members before they get deployed and of their family while they are deployed, etc...

Right now OpLove isn't accepting any new photographers, but I know of a few people that do it without being connected to an organization....

I feel that regardless of ones opinion of foreign policy and/or the war that these people are just doing their jobs that they volunteered to do and they are put into harms way for many months/years at a time - who knows, that photo you take of them might be the last photo their family has....
LukeOlsen PRO 10 years ago
Does anyone remember the brand of those mini-soft boxes he had on stage?
Boring Boy Scott 10 years ago
Probably Westcott or Photoflex... but since Westcott was a sponsor I am going to guess them first.
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