LukeOlsen PRO 11:02pm, 23 January 2008
Last time I brought cookies (the edible kind) and I can bring cookies again this time. So... do others want to sound off what they'll bring?
tim goodspeed 10 years ago
I'll bring a couple of six-packs if there are no objections.
mrjonathanpotter 10 years ago
I can second the 2x 6pack, and maybe some bread/cheese. But, if we're working in a non-alcoholic studio then I'll bring some juice boxes. Seriously, I love those things.
pdxblazer503 10 years ago
I will see what's in my trunk :-) ha kidding, I will bring in snacks, and drink, seriously no beer? no wine?
kenneth barton PRO 10 years ago
Last time I brought a few six packs and they vanished pretty fast. Maybe if others see to the beer, then this time I'll try and score some snacks.

Boring Boy Scott 10 years ago
ooohhh - let me get in here early... CHIPS AND SALSA!

There... now I don't have to be the coffee guy ;-)
metakephoto PRO 10 years ago
I didnt eat anything last time until everyone left...and i tried BBQ Kettle Chips for the first time and i'm completely hooked. So whoever brought those last time, thank you...
umbra photo 10 years ago
Mmmm... beer...

We have some stuff left over from the last meet. I didn't take inventory or anything but I know we have a couple of bags of chips, some crackers(?) and bottled water.
feigned seat [deleted] 10 years ago
I think it might have been me that brought the bbq kettle chips, love those things too. (and it shows too much ;-( )

If I make it, I'll try to bring something too. Work is getting in the way... again.
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