metakephoto 6:18pm, 18 January 2008
Please RSVP here if you plan on attending the upcoming meetup/photoshoot. And if your in the "YES" field and can't make it, please let us know (and i'll update this list). Hopefully in the future we'll have a more formal RSVP list, but for now it's here :)

Here's the Headcount So far:

kenneth barton
smashbox photo
Shutter Craze (+ Roller Derby Models)
Boring Boy Scott
OregonVelo (+ model)
coreyshelton (until 2pm)
compass rose
David Llyod
craig mitchelldyer

dibesh 11 years ago
Hi. I really had fun on the last one so please do count me in on this one too.
umbra photo 11 years ago
compass rose & ballyhoo photo will be there as well.
coreyshelton 11 years ago
I'd like to check it out. I'm a (relative) newbie, Nikon D40, SB-800, and 3 good lenses to choose from. I've yet to do anything off camera, so I'd love to get inspired.

Unfortunately, I have to work Sunday afternoon, so I can only swing until about 2pm.
OregonVelo 11 years ago
For me, it is two other photographers... Did we want or need another model? We have a friend that is looking to get into plus size modeling and is looking for practice. I maybe able to get her to join.
DennisGoetz 11 years ago
I had a ton of fun at the last one and I was looking forward to this one but other plans take me out of town. I'll hopefully catch you all at the next one!
Neruzz 11 years ago
Please count me in too.
ShutterCraze (NUEL) 11 years ago

I reconnected with my model and she is very excited and will definitely be coming to our photoshoot. She also said that there are three to four other girls that would also pose for us. I'm thinking this could be an assignment for a few of us who are interested in joining the set. How do we plan to compensate our models in the future for their time? Prints, money, or strictly a voluntary thing? I promised my model that I would do prints for her which I can do. On a side note, if anyone is interested in doing business with these ladies where they would pay for portraits I can connect you. I only do this stuff for fun. Let me know what you guys want to do so I can invite accordingly.
groovenerd 11 years ago
I'll be there.
I was sorry that I was out of town and missed the last get together. I am planning on making this next one.
Isaac PDX 11 years ago
I don't post much here, but I'd be interested in showing up for this.
fumbling ear [deleted] 11 years ago
I'm a maybe. I may have a prior committment. That is, if the model is flakey, I'll be in PDX. If she shows, well, sorry guys :).
mrjonathanpotter 11 years ago
I'm new to the group, but I'd love to come meet some folks. So count me in I think.
Mr. Monroe 11 years ago
And you can also mark me down as someone who will show up... The last meeting was pretty dang' fun, and I'm interested in seeing just what sort of new toys and tools folks bring with them.

pdxblazer503 11 years ago
would like to try it
feigned seat [deleted] 11 years ago
Last meet was great, I'll try to come. Have to work in the morning so it could go well, or well into the afternoon.

is it too late to get in on this one or?

if it is not then I would like to atend
coupeowner 11 years ago
I too would love to show up if there is still room. Will bring food (and camera of course)!
umbra photo 11 years ago
Nope, not too late. The more the merrier. See you all there!
kenneth barton 11 years ago
This is going to be one jammed event this time. Bet it will be fun though.

Auzigog 11 years ago
Unfortunately, I have to bow out of this one. I wasn't able to get a ride up to Portland for the weekend. I'll try to make it to the next one!
Isaac PDX 11 years ago
eyeRmonkey, I'm from Eugene and headed up. If you want a ride Email me at
Auzigog 11 years ago
Alright. Seems my luck has turned. I will be there after all (thanks to Sircoupe). See you all there!
Boring Boy Scott 11 years ago
So.... there is 2 inches of snow out here... I will have to cancel :-(
Isaac PDX 11 years ago
We have tons of snow down here too. I'm out.
Unfortunately, I have had something come up this morning. If I am able to make it at all, it will be later.
OregonVelo 11 years ago
My luck has gone south... my girlfriend is sick so I will be spending the day taking care of her and our model that was going to attend is snowed in.
Sorry guys.
umbra photo 11 years ago
We shall prevail! Sorry you guys can't make it.
Auzigog 11 years ago
Since sircoupe was my ride back to Eugene so late in the day, I'll have to back out (once again). Sorry guys! Have fun!
groovenerd 11 years ago
Talking to some people in town, it sounds like there's not much -- if any -- snow further in. I'll try and come in, but it'll be later on after I take some snow pictures! =)
dibesh 11 years ago
Sorry folks, I can't make it today. My 18mo daughter got sick last night and so have been up most of the night and want to stay home take care of her. Hopefully, I'll have better luck on the next meetup.
feigned seat [deleted] 11 years ago
ok, my work is going well so while I'll be late I should make it in a couple hours.

Where's all the snow? none up here in Portland that I can see. I might need to go to Corvallis tonight so would be good to know what I'm in for.
Neruzz 11 years ago
Sorry everyone I had to work last night and I slept through the whole day today. Hope to see you all next meet.
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