umbra photo 8:23pm, 18 December 2007
Thank you!!!

Wow, what a turnout! Thank you to everyone who attended and especially our models Tara, Audrey and Jasmine! It was great of them to donate their time so please try to give them some of the finished images for their effort. We can't thank them enough.


This was definitely a successful event and I look forward to future gatherings as well. I learned a lot about hosting an event like this and will be talking with my studio mates James and Ken as well as Jeff on ways to improve the experience for everyone. Your suggestions are welcome so please let me know. So far my list includes:

* Better organization of shooting locations
* A more formal RSVP system
* Payment for model(s) and makeup artist (if the subject is portraits)
* More focus all around
* More of a "workshop" environment where we focus on a specific look, style or activity including instruction by someone who actually knows something about the subject.


* Pinup photography. There are several aspects to this including:
+ lighting
+ sets
+ makeup
+ working with models
+ post processing (Photoshop)

* Artistic nude
+ lighting for different body types
+ flattering & unflattering poses
+ working with a nude model (minding your P's & Q's! / etiquette)

* Model releases, copyright & other legal stuff

PLEASE let me know your suggestions!


There were 2 small pieces of gear left behind yesterday:
* an aluminum spigot
* gridded snoot for SB-800 -- CLAIMED!
If one of these is yours let me know and we can arrange a way to return it to you. Or... you can pick it up at the next event. There's no rush, they're both at the studio.


Jaime Pico filmed much of the event and will begin editing the video as early as next week. He NEEDS (digital) copies of your final images to include in the film. The images will complete the cycle of concept -> setup -> finished product. I don't want to just start yanking images off of your photostream without permission so please let me know if you have an image you would like included. Please include your name/email/url as you'd like them to appear in the video as well.



UPDATE: Next meeting/shoot is scheduled!

When: Sunday, January 27, 2008 @ 12 noon ~ 6PM (ish)
Where: 333 NE Hancock St. Portland, OR 97224 (same as last time)
Focus: Taking suggestions now!!! Please chime in!
I like all the ideas that you suggested. Especially having an expert on a specific subject talk a little more about it.

I am in and let me know if you need any help with RSVP lists. I sit here at work all day so I have lots of time on my hands to watch the group posts.

Thanks again for setting this up.

jashaunte 11 years ago
That all sound awesome. Maybe we could include body painting for nude photos. Those just look so artistic! And a makeup artist would definately be awesome, so our looks could be changed with the different scene locations.
kenneth barton PRO 11 years ago
Personally my biggest weakness is probably post processing, though I have a lot to learn in all of the areas suggested.

It would also be super cool if we could have a make-up artist involved. One of my best friends, Cat Coats happens to be one but she's usually working at Nordstrom for Dior on Sundays, but I'll ask her about the 27th right now in case we get lucky. She does all kinds of fashion shows and shoots, some conservative and some super crazy ones too. If not, maybe somebody else knows a good make-up person.

kenneth barton PRO 11 years ago
If somebody posts or sends me Jaime Pico's mailing address I'll send him a disc with all of my processed shots (about three times as many as I posted).

audreywalker 11 years ago
Let me know if I can help again. It was a lot of fun and such a great experience. . .
DaveWeav 11 years ago
Those ideas sound great. I am especially interested in the flattering & unflattering poses and working with models. Thanks again and I am looking forward to the next event.
Hello everyone I just stumbled across Flicker and joined, I am very interested in learning more about shooting people pictures.
Stereoblind 11 years ago
Suggestion for one of the meetings:

As a photographer I don't have any pictures of myself. They're useful for promotional purposes if nothing else.

How about we model for each other with the intent of using them for self promotion?

Did that make sense?

Of course if only a few people would find this useful I'd be interested in meeting with just those few and helping each other out.
Auzigog 11 years ago
Hey everyone!

I just recently discovered Strobist, but I'm already in love. I'm a college student in Eugene and I'm just barely starting out on my journey with photography.

I might just have to show up at the next photo shoot! I am probably way behind the learning curve compared to most of the people who would be there, but I think it would be really fun anyway.
Rosborough Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Rosborough Photography (member) 11 years ago

I was forwarded the info about the PDX strobist group by Ken. Looking forward to the next meeting on the 27th. Not sure if any offical RSVP has been required or not but I will be there. The ideas so far look great.

Looking forward to learning and meeting you all.

fumbling ear [deleted] 11 years ago
I'm down, yo.
umbra photo 11 years ago
Ok everyone, what's the plan for this next meet up/shoot? Do we want to have a topic or is the mass hysteria and group gaggle acceptable? I need to know so i can make arrangements.

Boring Boy Scott 11 years ago
@smashbox photo:

This probably isn't a helpful answer - but I am open to either option. Since you are so kind to open up your studio to us, whatever is the most convenient option for you works for me...

The mass hysteria was fun and seemed to work well, but a specific topic would be interesting as well...
ShutterCraze (NUEL) 11 years ago
@smashbox photo:

Count me in for the next meetup on the 27th. I have a friend who is one of the ladies of Portland's professional Roller Derby circuit and is willing to model. I searched flicker and found a similar group here:

May I ask her to come in and have a set for her? I was thinking we could do a sport magazine cover look theme or something edgey/artsy fartsy. I would like suggestions in posing and lighting the shot.

Thanks, Nuel.
kenneth barton PRO 11 years ago

Yes I think you should. Interesting subjects are part of what makes this kind of thing fun for me. I plan (if all goes well) on bringing my friend and sometime model Cat. Instead of posing she wants to do make-up on a model she'll bring with her and then maybe do a little shooting.

Basically, I'm for anything that sounds both fun and worthwhile.

umbra photo 11 years ago
Sounds good to me Nuel. Thanks!
Auzigog 11 years ago
So I'm definitely going to be at this shoot. I found another strobist reader at the U of O and we're going to car pool up to be there on Sunday.

How do these things go? Does everyone take turns at the tripod, or what? I'm guessing it's mostly made up along the way.

I'm excited to take part in all this!

On a side note, I've only been into Strobist for a couple weeks now, and I made a DIY ringflash today and it absolutely amazing. Photos will be on my stream shortly.
kenneth barton PRO 11 years ago

I for one would like to encourage you to bring your ringflash. Last time we had no precise program and everything worked out pretty well. Hopefully it will be the same on the 27th. The main thing was that everyone was pretty down-to-earth and willing to explain and share their techniques.

tim goodspeed 11 years ago
I am planning to be there on the 27th. Look forward to meeting the group.
OregonVelo 11 years ago
I am planning on being there plus 2.
mrjonathanpotter 11 years ago
So I'm hoping/planning on attending and I'm curious, what is the MO, we show up and just have fun? That is what it sounds like, what should I bring? body and a lens or??
pdxblazer503 11 years ago
If it is studio shooting, I'd like to try it
metakephoto PRO 11 years ago
Please make sure to bring your own flashes, light stands, pocket wizards/sync cords, etc. I believe it's best to learn on your own equipment...Though there's nothing wrong with trying out other peoples cool new lens, flash, flash modifiers, etc (with permission of course) to help your shot..I just think it's best to shoot with what you have for experience sake of setting up your lights, thinking the shot through with your lights, breaking them down, moving them, etc...
Also a reminder: Make sure to label your equipment with contact info (ie. pocket wizards, flashes, light stands)
mrjonathanpotter 11 years ago
Awesome, sounds good. I'm looking forward to it, hopefully I can work out my transmitter issues before this weekend.
metakephoto PRO 11 years ago
you can always use a sync cord and slaves if the transmitter situation doesnt work out..
Jason Marlow 11 years ago
hello everyone. i just moved up to portland, looking to forward to meeting up with some other photographers in the area, i'm so down for the 27th. well it seems that nothing was really settled on for a topic. well you know guys their is a new assignment in the strobist, due 4 days after our meet up. lets tackle the assignment!
metakephoto PRO 11 years ago
Here's a link to the Strobist Lighting Assignment:
mrjonathanpotter 11 years ago
Since I didn't attend the last one, and I'm kind new to the group I'm curious to see if folks think it would be totally lame to do name tags? I for one, will admit I'm slightly introverted and name tags would be cool. I'm happy to pick some sticky ones up if any one else thinks it would work. If not, I'm cool.
kenneth barton PRO 10 years ago
I absolutely hate the things but you know what, It probably is a good idea and I would wear one if everyone else did.

Boring Boy Scott 10 years ago
Ugh... name tags? Like Kenneth, I hate the things - but I would wear one if needed..
mrjonathanpotter 10 years ago
Totally not offended if it is voted down, just an idea. One more no vote and I won't worry about picking any up.
umbra photo 10 years ago
I already bought name tags for this event. It was something that I wanted to do last time but didn't have time. It's great to be able to know everyones name and Flickr id so you don't say "Hey you!" all afternoon.

Great minds think alike!

Isaac PDX 10 years ago
I was not at the meet last time so I have to ask what kind of location is this? I keep looking at the threads and don't see any info. House, warehouse, office? Should we be dressed for bad weather or will we be indoors? Thanks
umbra photo 10 years ago
It's in my studio so you don't have to worry about wind / rain. However, if you aren't actually in the studio (in the halls, stairwell, etc.) you'll want a warm coat. If the weather is nice some people may be shooting outdoors but that's your call.

It's a modified warehouse (2nd / top floor)
Isaac PDX 10 years ago
Cool! Thanks Smashbox. See you guys there.
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