LukeOlsen PRO 6:14pm, 30 November 2007
In more than one place in the strobist blog (and flickr group) someone makes use of gaffer's tape. Is there a place in Portland that sells this?
umbra photo 11 years ago
I bought a big-ass roll from Pro Photo Supply a couple of weeks ago. It's not cheap ($22). They only sell 1 size, but have it in both black and in white.
LukeOlsen PRO 11 years ago
Thanks smashbox. Next time I find myself at ProPhoto I'll check it out.
metakephoto PRO 11 years ago
i have a huge gray roll i bought from Pro Photo...if you need any let me know..
David Lloyd Imageworks PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by David Lloyd Imageworks (member) 11 years ago
Hollywood Lighting on McLoughlin Blvd. has a big selection of gaffers tape and other tape. they also sell gels and a few other misc supplies for photographers.
LukeOlsen PRO 11 years ago
Cool. Thanks metakephoto and David Lloyd. Maybe I can try some of yours to see how well it works, then either go to ProPhoto or Hollywood Lighting if I need to get some. Thanks again.
boonerodriguez 11 years ago
I sell it out of the back of my van.
groovenerd 11 years ago
Music stores such as Pro Sound and Lighting, Portland Music, Guitar Center, etc. generally also carry gaffer's tape. Hollywood Lights has several colors and 2-3 grades/types of tape available as well.
While you're there getting tape, don't forget to pick up some lighting gel sheets and/or swatch books. Most of the above sources also carry them, although Hollywood probably has the largest selection.
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