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Boring Boy Scott 3:20pm, 14 September 2007
So right now I have a Canon 430EX flash, a Nikon SB-24, and a Sunpak 383. I have three umbrellas and two stands and the horrible e-bay radio slaves.

Basically - the ebay slaves suck. So I am considering getting a few PocketWizards, but I also thought about getting a Canon 580 and use the 430 as a slave to it... there are some limitations with that configuration (ie: optical slave, master flash HAS to flash as well, etc)

I am thinking I will get more use out of the PocketWizards, but I am not sure.

LukeOlsen PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by LukeOlsen (admin) 11 years ago
The master flash on my Canon 550ex does not have to flash to trigger slaves. Since the 580 is newer my guess is that this feature has been carried forward. If you just need to remotely trigger your 430EX you might want to look into Canon's ST-E2 remote trigger unit.
metakephoto PRO 11 years ago
i'd get the pocket wizards if money is not an issue..but if you wanna go the cheaper route, get one pair of pocket wizards and two wein optical slaves (depending on what kind of photography your using them for)
Boring Boy Scott 11 years ago
Hmm... two PWs are about the same price as a 580 - so I think I will get two PWs now, and if I need my second flash I can always use my PC cable and then later on get another PW.
Mr. Monroe 11 years ago
Just wondering, but when you say that the E-bay slaves suck, exactly how bad have they been for you? Myself, I've found that the 4-Channel version works quite well on Channel 1 (or "0-0" on the switch settings), though not so well on other channels. I'll easily and consistently get sixty feet of range with the units, and when conditions are right (i.e.: a north wind blowing during a full moon), I'll get more than 100 feet.

Are the E-bay triggers in the same league as a pocket wizard? Of course not... On the other hand -- for me -- they do the exact same job in about 99 percent of my shooting situations. For that remaining one percent of my jobs where a pocket wizard might be needed, well, that's where it pays to have friends in the photographic community who are willing to loan/rent out their gear.
Boring Boy Scott 11 years ago
They were working pretty well for me. A few mis-fires here and there, change the channel and that went away. Distance wasn't too great, but it was better than a PC cable. But recently there was a huge lag.

I would fire the shutter and the flash would go after the exposure - so it just wasn't doing the job. I played with all shutter speeds - 1/60, 1/100, 1/2-- and they all lagged.

During my testing I think the camera and flash synced up about two times (out of 100)
boonerodriguez 11 years ago
dang! thats not very good odds. i'd recomend pw's too. unless you stop loving photography next week, you'll never regret it. if you're using a 580ex as a master, that's just a 400 dolla infrared trigger that you have to put up with being on the camera. pw's are fun.

and i agree w/ metake, pick up an optical or two just for fun.
LukeOlsen PRO 11 years ago
I have a question relating to this. How well do the Pocket Wizards go through walls and around corners? I like my STE2 but the line of sight thing sometimes gets in the way.
metakephoto PRO 11 years ago
I can put my pocket wizards anywhere (within reason) and they will fire. Behind walls, in the fridge, etc...
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