metakephoto PRO 5:46pm, 9 September 2007
Please feel free to post your strobist pics here as well as at the big group.

In the future it would be great to organize group photo shoots/meetups, but first we can wait and see if there are any Portland Strobists here on Flickr.
Boring Boy Scott 11 years ago
I am in Boring, Oregon - between Gresham and Sandy.

After seeing the videos from the Florida meet and the Seattle meet I want to see a Portland meet!

Glad to see someone already working on it :-D
metakephoto PRO 11 years ago
Yeah i would love to organize a Portland Meetup/Photoshoot..once we get enough members that are willing to participate
boonerodriguez 11 years ago
I'd be up for it.
Boring Boy Scott 11 years ago
I know a few people from the POTN forums ( that live in Oregon - I will ask them if they are interested in joining this.
tvphoto 11 years ago
Looks good! meetup is good idea.
I'm still setting up portable strobes, but have wireless trigger, a flash, etc. Basically, I need to figure out how to get my flash connected to an umbrella. I'll probably buy the cheap mpix umbrella/flash holder. :)
tvphoto 11 years ago
PS: Boring Boy Scott needs to post a few pics... :)
Boring Boy Scott 11 years ago
tvphoto says:
PS: Boring Boy Scott needs to post a few pics... :)

I will.... when I get back home... I haven't had much work with the off-camera flash because everyone runs away when I haul it out!
boonerodriguez Posted 11 years ago. Edited by boonerodriguez (member) 11 years ago
@ tvphoto : excatly, just pick up one of those $25-35 multiclamps. you can get 'em down there at prophoto too thought they might be a couple bucks more. i like the ones that are all metal (i think they're manfrotto) mostly because they take up less room in my bag.
Boring Boy Scott 11 years ago
Okay.... I have uploaded a few photos I have taken with off-camera flash (they are quite horrible considering I had a head cold that day, but I had to shoot that day or else)

Anyways - how do I get them to show up in the pool over here?
Isaac PDX 11 years ago
im down in Eugene, but always up for some PDX meets.
mikebitton 11 years ago
I'm over here in the 'Couve, but ready and willing to play!
veryuseful 11 years ago
Thanks for setting up the group. I'm in on events when they happen.
maheanuu_tane 11 years ago

It's really good to see fellow Strobists here in the area, and I am all for a meetup/shoot.

I'm out in Hubbard and would very much like to join this group. I'm new to "Strobist" Shooting, but am more than willing to learn...
Schona Kessler 10 years ago
Hi guys! I am in Kelso/Longview WA but am eager to meet up and learn more on lighting! Just ordered a 580 EX flash for my Canon 40D. Now am wondering what I will need to use it off the camera....Will enjoy learning from you all!
metakephoto PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by metakephoto (admin) 10 years ago
First off you can use a sync cord, if you don't mind having a cord attached to you at all times.

Second route is getting Ebay Triggers (which are currently the cheapest alternative for shooting wireless, but not always the most reliable)

Third and most reliable you have Pocket Wizards (which are a bit spendy, but worth every penny if you'll be shooting alot of off-camera flash)

Fourth, the Canon Infrared Wireless System (which requires line of site from transmitter, just like a TV remote), and i believe it is almost as expensive as getting pocket wizards, but i'm a Nikon user and don't know all the current Canon prices.
Schona Kessler 10 years ago
Thanks for your input! Will have to do some research.
LukeOlsen PRO 10 years ago
Did you get the 580EX or the 580EXII? The infrared STE2 will transmit TTL to your flash while the pocket wizards won't. Bear in mind as metakephoto says that the STE2 is infrared... No line of sight = no trigger (although you may be able to bounce the infrared off stuff). A sideline benefit of the STE2 is the focus-assist which works wonders in low-light situations. If you don't mind being tethered and short distances (without modifcations) then a sync cord is the way to start off with.
Stereoblind 10 years ago
Custom length (15') TTL sync cord user here!
Schona Kessler 10 years ago
I got the 580 EX I believe. It will be here friday supposedly. lol. I hate waiting for internet items...

I think I will go with the sync cord. I love portraits so I don't think I will ever need to be far from the flash.
thinkable straw [deleted] 10 years ago
Remember that you still have ambient light to work with, if it's a sunny day, you effectively can create 3-light portraits using just a single strobe.

lets say your 580 is the key, the sun can be your hair light/kicker/backlight of some sort, and the ambient light from the clear skies can be your fill!

I've done a few location portraits that way. Once I get situated up on here, i'll post examples so you can see what I mean.
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