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jasmine008 5:51pm, 17 March 2008
April 26th (Saturday) marks the 3rd anniversary of the pdx [portland] Flickr meetups!

To commemorate this awesome day, a celebration is in order! Sam and I were brainstorming of ways to celebrate: baking a pink & blue cake the size of Pioneer Square and sharing it with the townfolk, tossing our cameras off Big Pink (with parachute of course!) with a delayed shutter and seeing what pictures result, or hiring a skypainter to do a flyby...but none of our ideas seemed that good!

What does sound good is taking a lot of pictures with new and old
friends. So, here's our idea:

A bunch of photo walks/events/shoots throughout the day. Nothing centralized, you post ideas on the group, people can choose one or more to go to. Then we top it off with everyone getting together for food and drinks at one place in the evening to share stories and hang out. jasmine008 will bring the cupcakes!

I'll start:
1) I'll talk to the people at Pittock Mansion about letting us
photograph on the premises at sunrise. We would meet a bit before
sunrise, then go to Stumptown for coffee afterwards.

2) Group to gather at the South Waterfront around noon-ish. We'll
walk around, then take the tram to OHSU for more pics.

Hopefully there can be lots of places to go with great
flexibility..pick and choose what you want to do all day, or just part
of the day.

Spread the word!

**Today's remaining activities**

10-11ish? The Grotto
(post Grotto) Hippo Hardware
12pm @ the South Waterfront
6pm @ Proper Eats in St. Johns
Sunset @ 8.12pm under the St. John's Bridge (be there early for good light!)
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The One True b!X 10 years ago
Oh, a Saturday. Maybe my perpetual internal "maybe I'll go to this one" will become something more concrete and actual.
jasmine008 10 years ago
Come to the dark side, b!X....we have cupcakes. bwa ha ha
reesman9 10 years ago
Im in................
danielhedrick PRO 10 years ago
I'm there.
Bonnie or cinnabear100 10 years ago
sounds like a good idea. I'll plan on being there.
tildabelle 10 years ago
Cupcakes! I'll go anywhere for cupcakes! :)

Sounds good to me! Count me in.
jasmine008 10 years ago
Ok guys...I don't want this to be a monarchy! I hope other people will suggest some of their own ideas for events during the day, too!

I'm glad to see such enthusiasm! =D
Artnchicken 10 years ago
Linzee1 10 years ago
I'm graduating from my Master's program that day! But I might be able to make it to the earlier events. I'll think of some ideas too....Cupcake shops provide for good pics, with their permission. Cupcake Jones or St.Cupcake being my fav!
snowbeard PRO 10 years ago
Count me in and both options you mentioned sound interesting. I mean anything with Stumptown has to be a good plan.
pdxblazer503 10 years ago
I've marked it on my calender !
TommyPDX 10 years ago
It is a Saturday, so how bout bloody marys for us non coffee people? I just love the all day events! Portland Farmers Market will be open by then, could be a good place to shoot and get light breakfast while on the move!
samgrover PRO 10 years ago
I've put a placeholder at Upcoming:

I'll add another event to the growing list:
Noon photowalk and lunch at the Portland Saturday Market.
jasmine008 10 years ago
When we've come up with all the possible things we can do this day, I think we'll recap all the events with a nice list, for easy pickins.
Bonnie or cinnabear100 10 years ago
Just a thought. What about doing a book with the pictures taken on our 3rd anniversary?
oneharmonic 10 years ago
A photowalk in the industrial areas NW of downtown? Or along the east bank, near the port and train yards?

Another idea: have a little mini-show/contest at the end of the day. Completely optional, but anyone can submit one entry (taken on that day), we'll set them out for casual viewing, and you can place a single vote for your favorite (we can refrain from voting for our own entry if we submitted one, just to make things more interesting).

There are plenty of one hour labs in the area; you can get your entry developed yourself, or (if you shoot digital) I'll volunteer to get a print for you (an 8x12 is $1.49). For me, it's less about the contest aspect and more about seeing and commenting on all your photos in real life.
pictures of happy 10 years ago
a pink and blue flickr cake???? i'll bring a "3" candle if you want!
Dead Air 10 years ago
I'd like to suggest a photowalk meeting at the PSU Farmer's Market at 1 PM.

I'm being selfish, because with a new baby in the house, the chances of me getting out far beyond my accepted weekly dalliance to do my radio show from Noon to 1 at KPSU are unlikely. Not that there aren't a lot of things to shoot around PSU, especially with the Farmer's Market starting to kick in gear.

The odds of me making the gathering that evening are slim, but perhaps I can get in some photos this way...
Williamo! PRO 10 years ago
Sounds great, I'm in! =)
Adam Torgerson [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm in. I like oneharmonic's idea - sometimes a project pushes the creative bounds a bit.
jasmine008 10 years ago
Good idea D(e)ad Air! Oneharmonic has a great idea, too. And, choosing only one print really makes us critical of our own work. (I know I have a terrible time making decisions, so this'll be good for me!)
kenneth barton PRO 10 years ago
I'll definitely try and make this one, whatever you all decide.

drwhimsy 10 years ago
I plan to be there.

This group is great!
Bob Byington 10 years ago
sounds like fun and I'll definitely get the day off. I like oneharmonic's idea.
pinklimoncello 10 years ago
I might come :-) I'd love to get to know more shutterbugs from Portland
Chris Lae 10 years ago
I don't have any fancy cameras. Just a simple Pentax Optio and an iPhone....can I still join in?
oneharmonic 10 years ago
pdxchris79, there is no equipment requirement for this group or this activity, so you're more than welcome to join in.
mcleoud151 10 years ago
Man do I wish I could make it. I know I'm not a frequent poster but I try to steal a glance every now and then and would really dig making one of these gatherings. Regrettably, I'll be shooting the Seattle Supercross race that weekend. Perhaps next time! Hope you all enjoy!
Henry_Ortega 10 years ago
I'm totally in
The One True b!X 10 years ago
I'm still a vague maybe. If I'm not back east due to some unfortunate family stuff, it might behoove me to actually drag out for this one.
GeoFX 10 years ago
Sounds interested. I'm in.
daveotuttle 10 years ago
any room for an SX70 or SLR 680?
danielhedrick PRO 10 years ago
Would the prints need to be 8x10? I have one of those little 4x6 printers that I could bring... Granted, the 4x6 prints don't have the same impact, but the little printer is fairly speedy, and can print directly from a memory card...

Just a thought.
oneharmonic 10 years ago
dejvicka, absolutely, there are no hard and fast rules about equipment.

pdxsurreal, that's fine. I only mentioned 8x12s so people have an idea of what it would cost if they wanted me to get a digital print for them.

As long as it's printed in some form (4x6, Polaroid, etc.), there should be no problem critiquing and voting on it.
All Halley's Eve 10 years ago
I would love to do an all day thing - as long as it's bus accessible! Want to meet all your smiling and/or non-smiling faces!
drwhimsy 10 years ago
I agree on the transit aspect - it would be great if most of us travelled en masse. I like the idea of an industrial area. The inner SE might be fun. We could walk across on bridge each way from downtown. The train tracks provide some fun pespective. The esplanafe is fun. We could probably find a business of two that would let us in - perhaps Winks Hardware, Anne Sacks tile, Next Adventure, Miller paint; Rejuveniation, who knows, if folks are interested, I'll make some calls.

Perhaps we could even order some take-out middleeastern at Nicola's, and picnic on the esplanade?
guanocurry 10 years ago
yes!!! i would totally break my normal sleeping till 1pm on saturdays for this! i really like the idea of industrial nw and eating at the farmers market.
hahn73 10 years ago
too bad. i'm going to be in prague at that time. but i will put up photos from my trip! :)
jasmine008 10 years ago
Interesting idea, drwhimsy...a roving meetup. You could probably cover a good portion of the city with bus passes and max. I bet you could even make it a goal to hit every quadrant of the city by dusk.
pamelalong PRO 10 years ago
The sunrise at Pittock Mansion sounds interesting to me.
[Jensen] 10 years ago
This sounds like fun, so I will more than likely be attending as well. I don't know if this has been suggested yet, but was about a photowalk on the east side of the river near OMSI and whatnot?
j. kincaid 10 years ago
I'm in, but maybe not for catching the sunrise.
Tawelwch 10 years ago
Dang! I'll be moved back to Portland on that date, but will be on a trip to Everett, WA that weekend. I hope you guys have fun and I'll try to make it to the May Meet Up!
Osiris PDX 10 years ago
Hi all, new to Flickr but I'm interested in this meet up.

I'm up for the OHSU idea, sunrise on a Saturday is a foreign concept to me. ;)
nikonpdx 10 years ago
This is sounding more and more fun as it goes along, I'm sorry I'll be away this time
Morgannza 10 years ago
Kinda thought I might go, but I forgot I'm workin. I guess if there's still something going on around 5ish, I might meet up with whoevers left!
jasmine008 10 years ago
Well, the Pittock sunrise is a GO. Yay! The gates will be open so we can just show up.

I estimate sunrise will be at about 6:05 am..yes early...but think how much day you have left!! I'll be there before sunrise to catch some glow. If it's rainy/cloudy, I probably won't be there. =)
im so excited see you then..........
drwhimsy 10 years ago
WTG Jasmine008 - if the weather coperates, I'll see you at dawn! I think I'll even bring a NDF filter and arrive early to see if I can get some amazing color out of a long exposure like Rasone always manages to do so well.
Ar'alani 10 years ago
I'd like to propose a St. Johns sunset/night shoot to close out the day. Meet at Cathedral Park at 7:00 down by the dock and wander from there?
karmagroovy PRO 10 years ago
@Ar'alani: I'm down for that! :-D
jasmine008 10 years ago
Excellent idea, Ara!

The real question now...what about dinner? St. John's would be close for us up at the bridge, but not for the rest of town....
pdxblazer503 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by pdxblazer503 (member) 10 years ago
I am like a candle, a candle burning from both sides, try to catch the sunrise from Pittock and meet the sunset at St John. There are something Sarah, something called dedication, lol :-)
drwhimsy Posted 10 years ago. Edited by drwhimsy (member) 10 years ago
Maybe I ate too big a bento, but here are two collobarative ideas that just struck me: (1) a series of diptychs combining related shots/perspectives taken by different photographers in the group this day; and (2) stitching together (a) panorama(s) of photographs taken by differrent photographers and cameras (e.g., Portland sunrise from Pittock; OHSU; sunset from Pier Park. It might be interesting?
Spatialized 10 years ago
Bum deal...I have to work. All the ideas sound like fun.
I'll be joining y'all in my dreams. Damn night shift...
Dead Air 10 years ago
Sunset at St. John's and I'm there with the baby! For eating I suggest Proper Eats, home of the No Po Burrito. While they are vegetarian you beer lovers won't be let down at all, and they've hosted the Blue Moon customer show, so you know they're cool!
The One True b!X 10 years ago
I'm still on a "maybe" for all of this, but at this point that has less to do with intent than with the fact I have to make two trips back to NY again but I have no idea of the schedule for that.
Ar'alani 10 years ago
Dinner at Proper Eats sounds perfect. Before or after the bridge? We'd have to do 5:45-6:00 or around 8:30-9:00 to still snag the good light.

I'll throw my vote in for before sunset (around 5:45-6:00). Seems a little better for those who will be up really early for sunrise. Shooting with a grumbly tummy is less than desirable. ;-)
Dead Air 10 years ago
I'd think the beer drinking folk would want the later time. While I'm heartily recommending the restaurant, I probably won't make that portion. If I can make it to the bridge, I'll be quite satisfied, as new parenthood leads to a lot of "no guarantees' socialisms.
Bonnie or cinnabear100 10 years ago
I'm with Ara for a early dinner.
Ar'alani 10 years ago
We can always go out afterwards for coffee/tea/beer/liquids, too.
pdxblazer503 10 years ago
absolutely, I do not want to miss the sunset (if it is a sunny day)
jasmine008 10 years ago
I'm game for an early dinner as well. (Busy social calendar for me! hehe)
Ar'alani 10 years ago
Okay, sounds great! 5:45ish at Proper Eats (gives us time to eat, chat, and wander down to the bridge). For those meeting us at the St. Johns, 7pm down at the base of the bridge by the ramp to the dock.
hello everyone I am also new to this group and this sounds like fun :)
drwhimsy 10 years ago
Please count me in for an early dinner too. I'll find out if my son wants to join us. He had fun at the last cathedral park meet-up: axing watermelon!

I'm planning on being at Pittock at dawn as well. I will liklely pass on the tram, although I'm interested in a photowalk after Pittock, coffee, breakfast.

I'd like to hit an industrial area somwhere, while hte morning light holds.

I'd also be into a random transit adventure. Just get on a bus/Max and get off where it looks interesing. Walk neighborhoods, industrial areas whatever and then get on another bus. I have a monthly pass and I'll bring a ten pack of tickets and try to coax others into this. Seems like a pdx kind of thing. Destinations welcome!
The One True b!X 10 years ago
At some point, is the general outline going to be put into the first post of this thread for reference?

It does not look like I have to go out of town again until May, which means I should be able to do this. I can't hit the morning Pittock bit unless someone feels compelled to pick me up in SE Portland first, heh.
Wandering Images 10 years ago
About St. John; this all sounds good, but shouldn't someone warn Proper Eats? I've been there when few people were there and good food can take some time to prepare, so... It will also be Saturday night. Proper Eats is an excellant choice though, I'm looking forward to a Temphe Rueban right now!!!

I don't think I can make the whole day because of a noontime obligation, but I would love to shoot the St.Johns Bridge with experts that have had such beautiful sucesses in the past.
schion65 10 years ago
Yeah, a summation would be nice! I'm in for this, but I'm not sure what my options are currently. Looks like:

6:05 am - Pittock
Noon - South Waterfront (OHSU)
1:00 pm - Farmers Market
7:00 pm - St Johns

Then there's a roving photo shoot. Also there's dinner at one of these places?

Proper Eats (6 ish, or 9 ish)

Plus there might be a contest? All of it sounds very exciting, I just don't want to miss anything :)
oneharmonic Posted 10 years ago. Edited by oneharmonic (member) 10 years ago
The critique/contest would ideally be held during dinner/drinks near the end of the day (can be before or after sunset).

If someone would be so bold to get an "official" time/place hammered down, I can work out the rest of the details in short order.

RE: NW Industrial photowalk; that might work best slotted right before or after the Saturday Market lunch/photowalk at Noon.
jasmine008 10 years ago
After an empowering photoshoot at the Tillamook Air Museum last weekend, I'm about ready to ask to shoot where we don't normally have access...such as the railyards...which would fit that timeslot mentioned above. Now I just have to get on it!
Andrew Curtis 10 years ago
I'm definately thinking about going, would be nice to meet some of you who's photos I've been enjoying for so long...
Dead Air 10 years ago
Just to reiterate the suggested Farmer's Market was the PSU one, not the downtown one.

Seeing as the meetup is ending in my neighborhood, I'm less personally concerned at this point, however. Still that's what I originally suggested.
greyaenigma PRO 10 years ago
Shoot, I'll be busy being the photographer for Stumptown on this day, maybe next year.
oneharmonic Posted 10 years ago. Edited by oneharmonic (member) 10 years ago
pdx [portland] flickr Photo Contest

That's what I've come up with so far; the location can always be changed depending on schedules, but Proper Eats @ 6PM seems like the destination for now.

It will be a really casual affair; we'll pass around our favorite photo from the day, critique and comment on them over our meals, then anonymously cast one vote for our favorite.

The rules are simple:

"Printed in some form" means anything (Polaroid, 4x6 glossy, ink jet paper, etc.). I will volunteer to get a free 5x7 print for anyone who sends me a digital copy of their photo by 4PM; $1 for an 8x12, 8x10, or 8x8.

All entries must be taken on that day (April 26th, 2008). You can only enter one of your own photos, and you can only vote for one favorite photo. Rules are enforced by the honor system :)

BTW, the Saturday forecast (as of now) is partly cloudy, high of 68, 10% chance of precip. Those are very favorable numbers considering the week we're having.
Matthew Sanzone PRO 10 years ago
i'm in for the morning part
realkuhl PRO 10 years ago
I just found out about this group and I'm working to see if I can make it to part of the event !! Congrats on the anniversary.

One question - for this photo of the day, that means you print somehow a print that you took earlier in the event ? What if you are out all day ??

Looking forward to meeting some of you....
The One True b!X 10 years ago
realkuhl, as oneharmonic posted above, if you can email a photo in at some point before 4PM, a print of it can be provided.
oneharmonic 10 years ago
Yes, if possible, just e-mail me your digital file by 4PM. My e-mail address is:


Just specify what size you want (5x7s are free, $1 for 8x12/10/8 enlargements), and make sure your image is processed and cropped as you want it so I can send it straight to the 1-hour lab. I can do basic processing and cropping by request (I use Lightroom and CS3), but no guarantees on my work.

There are plenty of other options. You can print or develop your own picture at home, send it to your own 1-hour lab, print it off at Kinkos, sing the praises of Polaroid film, or take your memory card to one of those photo kiosks that are in most general retail stores these days.

I may also be available somewhere downtown in the late afternoon with my laptop if someone just wants to give me their image in person...when/where: TBA.
manyfires PRO 10 years ago
Well, that contest of sorts kind of sucks for people shooting film, but it sounds fun anyway. If I go to any Flickr events on that day I know I won't have prints for a good week or two. But hey, I'm the one who chooses to shoot film, right?

Haven't made it to a meetup since December... hoping to see some of you guys and gals on Saturday (finally! A Saturday off!).

jasmine008 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by jasmine008 (admin) 10 years ago
How about a separate contest for film users? After all, we here in pdx don't discriminate! We're uniters, not dividers. ;-)

This may be a bit clunky...but doable...so feel free to offer suggestions..

The same rules would apply to the film contest as the digi contest. If a scanned photo is sent to me by May 10th, I could create a posting with anonymous photos that are randomly ordered and numbered. Since it may be biased if people vote within the thread, flickrmails could be sent to me with each person's choice for the winner. I'd tally the results, given a few days of voting time. Send photos to me by midnight on the 10th (Sat night), I'd post the pics in a thread during the night, and we could cut off voting at say, Tuesday at midnight. Wednesday I'd announce a 'winner'. (We're all winners, right?)
Bonnie or cinnabear100 10 years ago
schion posted this,

6:05 am - Pittock
Noon - South Waterfront (OHSU)
1:00 pm - Farmers Market
7:00 pm - St Johns

is this right??

Where are the meeting places???

The only thing I know for sure is the time for sunrise andmeeting at Pittock.
jasmine008 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by jasmine008 (admin) 10 years ago
I'll post THE when/where list this afternoon.
karmagroovy PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by karmagroovy (admin) 10 years ago
Thanks for volunteering to administrate the film users contest! However, my opinion is why separate the film vs. digital users? Why not include everyone regardless of preference?

We could easily create a new group called PdxContest to be used (and reused!) explicitly for photo contests so that people don't have to email JPGs. The voting can be done by leaving only one comment under the image you think is best.

Whadaya think?
drwhimsy Posted 10 years ago. Edited by drwhimsy (member) 10 years ago
Proposed Roving Transit Photographers Itinerary

Because this flowed from my comment, I’ve taken on organizing a bit. I very much hope some folks are interested in using Portland’s transit for this. I’ll be a bit of a hypocrite (familiar ground) as I’ll drive to Pittock predawn and then stash my car somewhere before Stumptown. I am also proposing a contest/game of sorts, which you’re invited to join; see this thread: flickr.com/groups/pdx/discuss/72157604679773057/

Feel free to propose adjustments and please shoot me a flickrmail if you’re definitely in for this. Also, Jennifer and Sam, if you see a need to make changes feel free to do so without consulting me.

Itinerary (intended to be fluid except for definite 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. meetings and 9:35 a.m. bus boarding)

We depart from Stumptown Coffee (128 SW 3rd Ave) at 8:30 a.m. (The Pittock mansion folks are heading to Stumptown) for a photowalk around a fairly unpopulated old town/downtown for 60 minutes.

We board the # 12 bus at W. 2nd and W. Burnside at 9:35 a.m. and head out Sandy to the Grotto (the formal name, for those looking for subject to discuss with their therapists, The National Sanctuary of our Sorrowful Mother) which doesn't open 'til 9. I’ll provide two-zone bus passes. The Grotto does not charge an admission, but there is a $3.50 elevator fee to go to the upper area. I’ve never been there, but it’s supposed to be an awesome photographic venue (Newspace has a photo field trip there on 5/4, but it’ll cost you $75). Meet at the Grotto entrance at 10:00 a.m. (Karmagroovy suggested he’ll likely join us there, and perhaps others will too - the bus is scheduled to arrive at 9:58).

After shooting at the Grotto, we make our way back toward town stopping at will. On the bus ride, I figure we can scout interesting spots to explore on the return trip - I know there's a rock shop on Sandy that could be pretty cool (Ed’s House of Gems at 7712 NE Sandy walkable from the Grotto). I am guessing we’ll leave the Grotto after about an hour and one-half but we'll play it by ear and might extend. Those who want to make the OHSU tram trip (at Noon) can leave slightly earlier (buses leave every 15 minutes).

There is one additional stop I definitely want to make, but I think it best to leave the time open so we can be creative in exploring on our way back to town. I want to stop at Hippo Hardware. I spoke to them and they're receptive to our taking pictures there. They described their photo policy as "Come in with your camera and have a ball," but added the caveat "be sure you take some pictures of our lovely employees." The website says they have a big selection of claw foot tubs; I’m hoping a bunch of us get in tubs and take photos of one another taking photos of one another - please bring your shower cap).

From Hippo Hardware, we can explore the east side industrial area or wander back to town and go our separate ways (I'll likely walk across the Burnside Bridge and recover my car).
jasmine008 10 years ago
What a great day we have planned! Another location detail:

Portland Farmer's Market: meet at the Simon Benson house on Park Avenue, 1pm

I have to work at 9a, so I'll be in Ankeny Square right after sunrise, and at Stumptown, shortly after. I'll return again for the South Waterfront. If I have wi-fi, I can be reached, so shoot an email with phone #, and we'll try to find any lost lambs!

I'm headed to the beach to camp (and attend a math conference!), so see you all Saturday!
realkuhl PRO 10 years ago
I can make sunrise but won't make it to the rest of the day's events.... family life takes priority, but I look forward to meeting many of you. This week is my 3 year anniversary from moving here from Los Angeles. I started a Digital SLR group in Los Angeles that is now over 400 members via Yahoo groups. We did outings to Arboretums, Museums, The Getty, The Ocean. And then after the outing, we would share the photos online.

Since I can only make it to the Sunrise, I hope a similar thread can be started here where we can share photos from whatever part of the day we are able to participate in.

BTW, did the group get clearance to be at the mansion for sunrise ? I don't even know how to get there.....

Splitting now for the Sacha/John Digweed concert at the Roseland.

The One True b!X Posted 10 years ago. Edited by The One True b!X (member) 10 years ago
Wait, you're headed to the beach to camp without posting "THE when/where list this afternoon"?

Also, who here is definitely going to Pittock, and of those who has the ability to give me a lift?
drwhimsy 10 years ago
I am going to Pittock and it looks like I'll be making an early run to PDX first, so I could likely give you a ride. You can flickr mail me and I'll respond from work tomorrow if you want to try and connect for a ride.

jasmine008 had said (earlier in this thread) we are fine to be at the mansion early, it sounded as though she'd checked.
jasmine008 10 years ago
I figured the last few posts were a pretty good summary of the day's events. Yes, I checked and we're good to go at Pittock.
oneharmonic Posted 10 years ago. Edited by oneharmonic (member) 10 years ago
Name tags are optional, and fun: bighugelabs.com/flickr/badge.php
samgrover PRO 10 years ago
Great bunch of events.

Some weeks back I suggested a photowalk and lunch at the saturday market but there doesn't seem to be much interest for that so I'm canceling it.

I'll start my day at the farmers market at 1pm and go from there, culminating with dinner at Proper Eats.

See you all tomorrow!
reesman9 10 years ago
Im going to have to go to work at 9am for a 2 hrs ill have to get someone photo number so i can find the gruop.
The One True b!X 10 years ago
Also keep in mind that apparently Bill Clinton comes through town at some point Saturday, so who knows what that might or might not do to traffic patterns, depending on what the Secret Service does.
ahockley 10 years ago
Lots of things on my plate this weekend but I'm going to try to make the sunrise meetup. Hope to see a few of you there!
Hardlinejoe 10 years ago
Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to be able to attend, as the flu has leveled me pretty good. Why can't I get sick on a weekend with bad weather and nothing to do?
The One True b!X 10 years ago
Speaking of which, I'm not sick, so no one freak out should I lapse into a raging coughing fit. I just recently quit smoking and am suffering my lungs' revenge.
*Oregongirl 10 years ago
Come Hell or high water, I'm going to make it to this gathering.
If it's OK, I'll be up for sunrise at Pittock and then figure out where to go from there. There are so many wonderful adventures planned- I can't seem to make up my mind! :-)
djsoren 10 years ago
I'm kinda late to the party again, but I'm a little surprised that none of the ideas include the gorge on a Saturday. :-( Well I guess it's a PDX group and Portland proper should be the subject. The grotto idea is nice. I'll see if I can meet you there. :-)
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