Strawbleu™ 2:34pm, 29 January 2009
Following the success of the 'Big Sunday Shoot' in Leeds City Centre at the last Photocamp event, we are again offering the chance to shoot as a group in one of the highlights of Leeds.

Thanks to the support of Leeds City Council, we will be going to Temple Newsam Estate. I am currently finalising details, which will be announced here; but if you want to sign up for the event, pop over to 'Upcoming':
Strawbleu™ 10 years ago


I've just got off the phone from a lovely representative of our fair Council (laying it on too thick?) and am pleased to announce that access to the house is sorted.

You will be able to take photos in any public area of the house - for personal use only (includes Flickr and other non-profit publication). You also need to complete a permissions form (I'll have copies for distribution ahead of the event)

We will also get an introduction to the House as we start our 'tour'.

There are some maximum sizes on groups, so we may not all get in on a 'first' group... but we should get in over the day.

Admission Prices...

The plan is...
- 10:30 - Meet at the tea room
- 11:30 - House Tour (and another group to Home Farm visit - if we attract large numbers)
- And then... to the Farm and/or Lunch and/or House
- If good weather there may also be a wander around the grounds.

Aside from the house bit this isn't a guided tour - feel free to go off on your own or in small groups!

Weekend contact no: 07938 697 547
More details:

Q: I'm not going to Photocamp - can I come along?
Yes, no problems

Q: The in-laws / friends / wife / kids / goat want to come - can they?

Q: Do we have to do the house and/or farm tour?
Nope - do whatever you want to do!

Q: Will Jon ever stop typing..?
jinkydish 10 years ago
That`s great Jon - well done. I have toured the house once before without being able to take photos so this will be an opportunity. As long as I get back home for the Newcastle game on setanta i`ll be happy - at least until the game kicks off :-(
John FotoHouse 10 years ago
Thanks for sorting this out Jon ... looks good :-)
Strawbleu™ 10 years ago
*By public area -I don't include stepping over the post and ropes ;)
John FotoHouse Posted 10 years ago. Edited by John FotoHouse (member) 10 years ago
Enjoyed todays Big Sunday Shoot at Temple Newsam. Good turn out too!
Thanks again Jon for organising this opportunity to photograph inside the house.

Flickr in the House ...

You could also post to the the Temple Newsam Flickr Group site!
The Silver Penguin 10 years ago
The group photo...

Day 174/365
Strawbleu™ 10 years ago
Thanks Penguin! and thanks to all who turned up today. I was a bit zombified but had a great day...

'Designing the Picture?' (2)
nathan1839 10 years ago
Really enjoyed the shoot. Will definitely be going back to the farm again soon.

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