megalithicmatt PRO 1:36pm, 19 August 2010
I got this off fleabay a couple of months ago not realising it took type 80 film:
Multishot Camera - free to whoever wants it (see below) by megalithicmatt

It's working (see here) but it requires a mains socket to operate. The flash isn't working. It takes two identical photos at a time (four photos per film) with 90mm f/4.5 lenses with ranges from 4.5 to 22. Multiple exposures are easy enough. It weighs over a kilogram.

I don't have much Viva film left and I'd prefer to use it in another camera, plus I'm moving to a new flat at the end of the month and need to get rid of stuff. I tried handing this into a couple of charity shops today but they wouldn't accept it because it's electrical.

So If anyone from around Newcastle wants this they can come and collect it by the 28th August - just flickrmail me. I'll be crossposting this in one or two other groups. I can send more photos on request.
Sorry, can't post it. If no one wants it by the 28th it'll have to go in the bin!
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