Archetypo 5:04pm, 6 June 2010
Hello and welcome,

This group was started as a dedication to all the various instant passport, portrait and ID cameras (even complete photobooths!), and to you, the photographers that collect or still use them.

Cambo Passportraits, Polaroid Miniportraits, Studio Express, Fuji FP, Laminex ID, you name it, they probably made one. These cameras were once everywhere, from big studios to the mom and pops round the corner. I'm certain that you must have had your mugshot taken with one of these cameras at least once before.

Not too long ago, you could find these cameras in bargain bins or offered for next to nothing by studios going bust. Today, they're becoming collectible, and are immensely fun to use. Polaroid Miniportraits in particular, are getting expensive and hard to find due to the film backs, which are interchangeable with the Polaroid 600SE.

If you have a picture (any format) of these cameras, or instant pictures taken by these cameras, please do share them in the group pool.

Please post and say "hello", see ya around, have fun!
teamsuperoxide 8 years ago
Hello fledgling group members!
I've got a Polaroid Miniportrait 402; it's awesome :-)
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
Hi all.
I just received some fresh FP-100C which I shall hopefully be bunging in my Shackman for some diptychs this week. I'm quite excited and this group couldn't have arrived at a better time for me.
ludoo 8 years ago
Hi everybody. My Miniportrait is in the mail, I chiefly bought it to use its back on my 600se, but I will shoot it too.
Juan Pablo Aragon 8 years ago

I have a Polaroid Miniportrait 402b, i bought it 2 months's a great toy !

regards from Lima- Peru.
yourfavorite 8 years ago
Hi, I have too many miniportraits... at least 6 that work and then 3 or so that are in parts condition :D I bought them for the cameras, not for the backs though. I assumed I could fix them but it didn't turn out that way :\
cuddly song [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by cuddly song (member) 8 years ago
Hi :)
Shackman Multishot 102 and 104.
ThePetor 8 years ago
Halloa...shooting Polaroid Miniportrait 203 here..
Airchinapilot PRO 8 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I have the Miniportrait 202 and didn't use it much but would love more opportunities to shoot with it more.

Maaan I love the look of those Cambos.
Archetypo 8 years ago
66 and counting! Welcome again, and thanks, guys and gurls!

Would be great to have anyone and everyone who owns and/or shoots with an ID/portrait camera come join the group. We're not that esoteric are we?

Do invite your friends to come round!
EllenJo PRO 8 years ago

Gee- thanks mucho for invite to join Passportrait.
Great idea for a group.

I have a Polaroid Big Shot Portrait Land Camera (Andy Warhol's favorite!)

I live in Arizona's beautiful Verde Valley, where the light is always phenomenal for photos and I seldom need a flash cube.

Cheers everyone!
packing66 8 years ago
Hello to everyone. Just got my 203. If anyone finds a back for one let me know. I got 3 camera on missing the back and another one where the film is loaded on the top. Anyone know anything about that?
verablue PRO 8 years ago

i have a polaroid 203. bought it from wallgreens when they switched to digital for passport photos for $3!

great idea for a group...i've been seeing some really great shots come up in the pool.

Archetypo 8 years ago
99 Luftballons!

Welcome again, and keep shooting! I know our ID cams are mostly big, cumbersome and heavy, but nothing else out there shoots the way they do, there's so much fun in re-purposing what they were intended to do, and it's great to see them saved from being broken up to be a film back donor to a 600SE.

So, who's gonna be 100?
Archetypo 8 years ago
is our 100th member! Hello and welcome!
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
100 members, but the number of lenses is much more. :)
Archetypo 8 years ago

How's that for a new smiley. :-)
Rustyforareason 8 years ago
I'm the 100th member! Wow!

Hello, all! I'm tooling around with a Polaroid LX-400 that has a nasty temper!
boris_carlos 7 years ago
hi all i have a cambo 404 i think see my pics and tell me ,trying to find a new home for it as it gets no use now so its up for sale ,any idea what its worth ,seams to work ok but no dark slide
witalitone 7 years ago
Hey people, I need to get a PC Sync cable for my shackman multishot 84 and flash then I will be uploading a whole load more!!
Archetypo 6 years ago
Hey! Don't need no flash, go get some 3000B 88-D
freundavid 4 months ago
hi! i'm new here. check out my photos. it's a cambo miniportrait. quite heavy...
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