Indicatr tag

Ross Mayfield 10:29pm, 9 January 2005
Moblogs may just be one good indicatr of current effort and future performance. I'm wondering what else might provide insight:

* Webcams of parking lots
* Traffic surveying indicatrs for regional effort (not that I want Silicon Valley traffic to return to where it was)
* RFID that CEO
* Indicatrdriving -- Using Wardriving tools, especially catching exposed images over wifi with Etherpeg

It's going to get easier to aggregate across tagging domains. Lets toss out some ideas and commonly tag them as indicatr here and in

With enough weak signals, you get a strong signal.
caterina 14 years ago
I'm with you on the indicatr tag.

In addition to public companies, I'm inclined to photograph the parking lots of VC-funded startups as well.
Ross Mayfield 14 years ago
Good point. Fire away.

And why not VC firms themselves?
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