davidsfocus 7:18pm, 18 July 2011
So, where is everyone printing there panoramic images? Also, what is the standard sizes for panoramic? I am having a difficult time finding where I can print a large panoramic.
tchoi2011 6 years ago

I don't think there is "standard" format (at least I never heard about that) for a panoramic pictures. All depends on what do you want to show and how many pictures you took.
For the print you don't have too much choice. Either you have a big printer at home (and I mean very big printer like a 44'' for instance) or you work with someone who have one :-)
For me I work w/ a professional printer for my regular pics and he prints also my panoramic. The problem is that this can quickly become very expensive because it's custom prints.
Unfortunately I'm based in France and I can't give you an address for a printer. But if you're located in California, I can give you the name of one of my friend photographer who can maybe help you.
Send me a message if you're interested.

Hope this help,
www.studiojulian.com 6 years ago
Look Up meridianpro.com/
I know for sure that they can print panos up to 30x90 or 30x120 inches.
Cybershiner 4 years ago
I have been getting my panoramic pictures printed in a company upstate New York. I live close enough to go in person and watch the print getting done. They do good work but I am not sure how it would be to do this by mail or UPS. They have a machine that will print a Jpg. on a roll 24 inches high. They need a quarter inch blank top and bottom because the machine will not print to the edge. So, that means the maximum is 23-1/2 inches. The length is really unlimited as far as I know. I printed one picture 20 inches with 2 inches white border and almost eight feet long. It came out very well. I was careful to size the thing out to 20 inches on Photoshop and let the length take care of itself.
They seem to accept 200 resolution but in these large sizes it might be better to go lower. I am sure before you send them the job you should find out what they charge. It is by the linear foot. If they are charging $10 a running foot and you are going to print out to seven feet that would be $70 Plus the additional length of any desired border. Consider printing two panoramic pictures on the same Jpg one above the other. I don't know if this can be done by mail but I wish you luck. The company is at www.raceprinting.com
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