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philethier ADMIN April 10, 2014
Add to the list of unwelcome shots on PANNING SHOTS ONLY: Rigshots. I knew what they were. Didn't know the name.

And please, no shots where the subject is frozen by flash.

Group Description

This group is for panning shots you have taken yourself or shots taken of you by people you know.

I am generally going to look for panning effect. This can be bad news for airplane photographers because they often have a clear blue sky for background. Some sharp, well-panned photos are going to be turned away because they do not look like panning shots, having no non-subject detail to blur.

I want submissions by folks starting out who want comments from those of you who have experience at this. Tell me what is wrong with my own shots. I am open to criticisms of my meager efforts. I want this to be a place for all skill levels of folks who are trying to take panning shots.

As always, stuff that looks fake to me is likely to see the boot. If I cannot decide, I may allow it in for comment. Do not be shy about commenting. We are here to learn as well as enjoy.


This is the home for serious panning junkies, but any decent pan shots are welcome. We expect and welcome discussion and constructive criticism of pan shots. Anyone who is obviously trying to render a sharp subject using panning technique is welcome.

This group is for panning shots and only for panning shots. Fakes and photos created by other methods will be unceremoniously removed from the group.

Panning is a technique wherein the camera is moved to render the moving subject sharp while the rest of the picture is blurred. It is a method to make the frame of reference the moving subject.

Zooming through a subject is not panning.
Blurring the subject by moving the camera is not panning.
Holding the camera still and letting the moving subject blur is not panning
Faking a pan shot with PhotoShop is not panning.

Dolly shots, such as taken by a person on the same merry-go-round as the subject, or from one car to another, may or may not be retained depending on whether they have the panning look.

If you are a panning junkie post here and don't expect to have to wade through the frauds.

Additional Info

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