MaryO Photography 5:58pm, 6 July 2007
Hi Everyone!
I've had my FZ50 for a couple of months now and I love it so far! (Of course, it's much fancier than my previous camera, a Canon PowerShot S330). I'm learning about photography on my own, studying books and getting advice from photographer friends. It's so much fun! My favorite kinds of pictures to take are of babies and children in natural light. I look forward to meeting some other FZ50 users and learning some new tricks with my new passion.
angelgirllily 11 years ago
Hi welcome, I'm also new I've had my camera for about I think about 2 weeks and have taken at least around 2000 pictures some good some bad. I have about 4 other digital cameras. My first was a kodak when the biggest resilution was 640 x 480 . Many years ago. I wanted to really get into more technical . I'm also learning on my own to. Have you tried the its a great site with also lots of help to answer question they have a panasonic talk which is great. I just got my macro lens and teleconvertor yesturday. neither one is panasonic, but i have heard they work great. It's great here to. very helpful. brenda
mandar@fz50 11 years ago
Please see the discussion "FZ50 Tips and Tricks" and yes a lot more info on dpreview's panasonic talk forum.

On general photography
Go to glossary section on dpreview. The short articles by Vincent Bockaert are really good.

I have got 123di ebook and love it for its in-depth and easy explaination on various aspects of digital photography and image editing sw
MaryO Photography 11 years ago
Hi Brenda and Mandar,
Thanks for your advice! I haven't seen that website yet and I'll check it out today! I have been looking at the discussion "FZ50 Tips and Tricks"... it's wonderful! I'm so excited to be a part of this group and learn more about my camera and photography. I appreciate any advice that comes my way!
RADIUS26 11 years ago
hi! welcome to the group....I second the invitation of mandar to visit the FZ50 Tips & Tricks discussion has been a great help for me who is also a beginner and also try this site very helpful as well!
Welocome Mary,

I am sailing in the same boat, bought the camera , a few month back, still learning...

MaryO Photography 11 years ago
Thanks kal_ehl & different view point...
I'll look at that website, Kal. I've also been reading the Tips & Tricks discussion and have learned so much already. It's great! Also, I looked at your photo streams and really enjoyed your pictures!
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